Returning bag for repair; include the dustbag?

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  1. Hi ladies - I need to send a bag to mulberry for repair but not sure if I should send it in the dustbag. Will it be returned or is it likely to go missing?

    TIA :smile:
  2. When I put splodgy in to be assessed it gave them it with dustbag & stuffing, it came back with the dustbag but no stuffing (They did fill it back up though)
  3. I have always sent mine off stuffed and bagged and they have come back the same.
    Also a bag I didn't have a dustbag for came back with one, which was a bonus :biggrin:
  4. i never send the dustbag as i know they can loose things.
    i package up with loots of tissue paper and they have come back the same way :smile:
  5. I sent my Bays with stuffing and dustbag and it was returned in perfect order!
  6. When my Roxy went in for a repair, she came back with a dustbag, which was great as I didn't have one before.
  7. Blimey I must be the only one who's bag didn't come back the same :sad:
  8. I sent a bag in a pillow case and it came back in a dust bag :tup: The pillow case didn't come back .

  9. How rude! :hrmm:
  10. I hope it wasn't from a matching pair? :nuts:

    Edit: Just realised how silly that sounds, they come in matching pairs lol. I meant an old one!
  11. It was a faded Dr Who one :biggrin:
  12. So presumably you didn't need to pay for postage then :P
  13. No .. one of mine came back invisible! They lost the bag .. never mind the stuffing or dust bag!!
  14. No, I didn't send my bag in its dustbag. I wrapped it in bubblewrap.
  15. :lol: Come to think of it - It arrived back repaired before I had even sent it !