Returning at the LV store

  1. Remember the popincourt I bought, I have been using it to test it out and I just don't love it like I thought I would. It has started to patina and is noticable so will LV still accept an exchange? I don't know what I will be getting but I think I am still eligible for the 30 day exchange.

    Will they ask questions or not take it b/c of the patina?
  2. i thought there was only a 14 day exchange?
  3. 30 day exchange?! wth.. as far as i know, that policy is only valid for eluxury. all stores have a 14 day return/exchange policy, and the item must be in new condition aka: must be able to be resold. if they deem it to be unsaleable, then they won't take it back... which means, your bag with a slight patina won't be accepted, sorry.

    and yes, LV will notice the patina.. they notice a lot of tiny little stuff.. they actually give it to someone that is trained to look the item over before they can accept it.
  4. They let me exchange an unused wallet. It was 2 months past the day I got it. I didn't even notice, but they let the manager see it and it was okay. But maybe cause it was a wallet and theres no vachetta on it.
  5. True...they will notice EVERYTHING!!! Sorry!
  6. I agree with the ladies above, they notice everything
  7. perhaps. no patina type leather won't age as much.. and wallets are wallets.. so it's easier i guess. but purses don't apply. heh. :oh:
  8. Or do what my friend did. One of the stitching of her bag came loose so they gave her a new one. Then she returned it. LOL
  9. :roflmfao: omg! :shocked: :lol:
  10. OMG... I will remember that next time :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. so if i had a BRAND new item but it was past the 14 day policy, would they only let me exchange it and not return it?
  12. I'm sure that if the date code isn't extremely old then they'll take it. Depends on the SA that looks at it though.
  13. there are some new things with old date codes that are still sold in the stores.
  14. They told me 30 days for exchange. I took my Onatah in after 3 days and they weren't nice about it! I exchanged it for my pop haut.
  15. they can tell you one thing, but don't they make you initial your receipt that says,

    Merchandise in saleable condition may be returned for store credit or exchanged within 14 days of purchase when accompanied by the original sales receipt. Store credits are valid for one year from date issued.

    ? they can say one thing, but the thing that's printed on your receipt is what's valid.... iono.