Returning at LVR

Oct 23, 2006
I am contemplating a purchase at LVR but it seems to be a pain to return something if I don't like, what happens to the import tax (via fedex) if you return it, do you get it back?

If anyone has experience in this, please advise!


Jun 11, 2006
If you want to return something to LVR, you need to contact them immediately, then wait for their reply. they will send you a prorata form or something similar to fill out for return. Then FEDEx will pick it up. if they get charged reimport duties, you need to pay that back to them. they will deduct it to your credit or refund. and also, You need to pay the Fedex courier as well. but if the item is wrong or faulty all this is free.
I have return an item 2 months ago, it was a hassle but is possible. and you will lose some money.


Jul 7, 2006
My country does not refund import taxes, at least, when I asked, FedEx sent me a reply in writing saying I cannot get a refund for import taxes. If you want to claim import taxes, you have to work with your local customs office, and not FedEx (which would be the one collecting taxes on behalf of customs). It is a hassle. You would also have to pay FedEx for return shipping unless your item is wrong or faulty, like lynnix said. Changing your mind about colour, style, etc. would incur return shipping. I think LVR would not allow you to return by any other means than FedEx, which is expensive.