Returning at different store locations?

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  1. Hi! Apologies if this has been covered in another thread, I couldn't find one when I did a search...

    I was under the impression that Tiffany gladly took back returns within the return period and have always been told I can return whatever I've bought if I changed my mind... But has anyone else heard it's not good to return items purchased at different Tiffany locations? I assumed it's all one company, what's the big deal?

    I have two Tiffany stores in my city. Purchased an item at one location and, well within return period and unused, decided to return the item at the other location, which is my usual store. One of the salespeople who I see frequently, but isn't my usual SA and wasn't even helping me with the return, saw that I was returning the item from the other location and said, "That's not fair! You buy it from another store and leave us with the return?!"

    I offered to take it back to the first location to make the return, but the SA that was actually helping me said it was OK, that they're not supposed to tell clients what the first SA said, but if I exchanged the item for something else it wouldn't be that big of a deal to make a return from another store. The SA then went on to say that what I bought wasn't that big a return and that she's seen people buy $3k items and then be too embarrassed to return it to the original store so they return it at their location and they're left absorbing the return. (I wasn't embarrassed, just didn't want to have to travel to the original purchase store.) I wound up buying something I didn't really want because I felt bad about saddling them with a return...which is my own issue. But the experience has really soured me on shopping there now... Admittedly I've made two purchases and returns at that store for sizing/fit issues (both times after being told no problem retuning if I needed to!) and bought something else after, but I've also definitely kept more than I've returned and spend a fair amount at that store recently.

    Is this a commission issue? Something else? Any perspectives/thoughts appreciated!
  2. How rude.

    It is a commission thing because whichever store facilitates the return has to have that figure deducted from their store budget, which will in turn affect the sales targets and commissions.

    Previously you were able to select the SA that it was purchased under but apparently that's changed recently.

    Either way, this should not concern you as a paying customer. I'd actually put in a complaint to customer service, the SA should have not made you feel guilty for any reason.
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