Returning and unused old item...

  1. In 2005 I purchased a small signature hobo for 168. I was in college and in the process of moving back home and I completely forgot about it in the mess of moving. I am moving again for grad school and cleaning out my overstuffed closet and found the bag with the tags and receipt. I realize I no long favor the style and will probably never use it.

    I want to return the bag and buy a new one (love the ergo!) but I'm REALLY embarrassed since it is such an old item.

    Will I be able to return it and not get yelled at about it? Will I be able to get full credit back even though its an old item?
  2. Id eBay it if I were you.

    Im not sure of Coach return policy, but I cant imagine they accept returns that old.
  3. I'd stick it on eBay too. Somebody would buy that right up since it's new/tags.
  4. dont' be embarassed, they will take it back no questions asked if the tags and receipt are still attached. I would not hesitate. you won't get full price on eBay
  5. ITA with court811. If it has tags and you have the receipt they should take it back. There is no time limit on returns at Coach (thank goodness). I just returned an outlet bag today that I bought last December because I'd never carried it and decided I'd really rather have the money. :smile:
  6. I wouldn't hesitate to bring it back. We had one person at our store return something from 1999 and still had the receipt! If u don't have the receipt they'll probably give u a merchandise credit or u can just exchange.