Returning an unused old item...

  1. In 2005 I purchased a small signature hobo for 168. I was in college and in the process of moving back home and I completely forgot about it in the mess of moving. I am moving again for grad school and cleaning out my overstuffed closet and found the bag with the tags and receipt. I realize I no long favor the style and will probably never use it.

    I want to return the bag and buy a new one (love the ergo!) but I'm REALLY embarrassed since it is such an old item.

    Will I be able to return it and not get yelled at about it? Will I be able to get full credit back even though its an old item?
  2. I'd put it up on eBay
  3. any pics of it?
  4. Of course eBay is probably your best bet. You can probably get pretty close to what you paid for it back. But you could always just keep it around as a general bag to carry when your making quick trips out (grocery store, gas, etc) or on days when you don't want your other bags to get dirty.
  5. if you have the receipt, you can still return and get your money back.
  6. You would be amazed at some of the things that get returned, at least to the outlets. I worked for one at the end of last year and we got all kinds of old returns back. As long as you have the receipt you should have no problem returning the bag and getting full credit for it. Nobody would ever "yell" at you for it!
  7. Ebay.Or if you have the receipt it can work out.
  8. What would you do if you recieve some current items, but without a gift reciept? So you're not sure if it was bought from a dept. store or COACH?
  9. I would call your local Coach store and ask them what their policy is and explain the situation. I would think it would be up to the individual store managers.
  10. I'm sure if they carry the same item they will at least offer you store credit.
  11. I would TOTALLY return it! Coach states that they will take any unused item back at any time and give you a full refund with receipt. Get your money back and get your ergo!
  12. +1
    as with the outets.
    Do you have the receipt?