returning a used bag?

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  1. I have been reading that coach has an excellent return policy but I dont think returning a used dirty bag was part of it.
    Well, while I was searching a bag like crazy yesterday, I called many stores in and out of my state. I finally spoke to a manager who told me they will return my call back because they may have what I was looking for.
    So, she called me and told me they did not have the bag I was looking for but she did have a return one that was NOT in good condition. It has stains in the lining and the outside inlaid part of the bag was dirty, grayish color.
    She also said that she cant sell a bag like that but if I was so "desesparate" to have it, she will sell it to me with a 25% off.
    I declined because I wasnt going to pay that much money for a used/dirty bag like that.
    I find it very strange that Coach had accepted a return like that...I dont think it should have been done .
  2. I don't get it either.
  3. I agree, I am totally confused by this. who would accept a bag like this as a return?
  4. exactly! that is why I declined her discount.
  5. Accepting as a return was crazy but offering to RESELL it is even crazier in my opinion!!!
  6. I'm in complete agreement with that. I've heard of people finding socks and tylenol in new bags they bought cause I guess coach wasn't inspecting the bags when they're returned.

  7. I could expect things like that to happen in department stores or even outlets but a FP boutiques? I didn't think so
  8. This is a huge issue! And really, really disgusting. If this is happening, then that's a problem...Coach needs to figure it out!
  9. 25% she should have been giving you the thing for damn near free. Noone and I mean noone is going to want that bag. That is disgusting. I just don't understand folks who have the gall to return a bag that they used and then lie and say they never used it. Some folks simply have no morals.
  10. Personally I'm amazed by some of the reports by members here re: returns.
    I think what's happening is that managers are trying to keep/make their clients happy, maybe hoping for a sale, or at least sales in the near future. Being managers they probably have an interest in keeping their store's sales up, so are very lenient with Coach's return policies.
  11. that manager is sooooooo wrong!

    i had to hunt a bag down once and it took forever and i had to call a number of stores. it was one of those rare bags that sell out FP-- anyways-- one of the stores i called i asked, did they have it since store inventory says so (it could be wrong or just sold and the system hasn't updated yet) and she said yes, but it is in the damage bin. and that was that.

    you don't sell it, it gets disposed of properly. there are instances where if a display was badly damaged and the customer wanted it could be sold for 10-20% off as a *final sale* but this is rare as we try to keep displays just as good..or we'd order a fresh one from jax.
  12. well i still dont get why they were doing the 50-75% off damages at the outlets around xmas....but i still wont complain cuz thats how i got my claire for 125 =] lol but this still doesnt really make sense to me.
  13. ...i don't think theres a shelf dedicated to damaged bags?

    i'm not sure if it was you or someone else where they were going to "damage" out a bag but the SA offered to sell it cheap instead at the outlet. that i understand

    at FP its definitely not a practice.
  14. Wow this is beyond pushing the envelope and offering 25% off is an insult for a bag in that condition.:nono:
  15. The returning a used bag issue was just being discussed on the regular coach subforum under one of the threads too. I can't believe that this is even an issue- how could they accpet that return? The only way I can see a used bag being accepted is when it is sent back to JAX for repair and they can't fix it.