Returning a Spiaggia Caramella :\

  1. Hi all, after much thought I've decided to return a Spiaggia Caramella that I bought because I liked the print placement (beach scene in front, hula surfer girl & yellow bikini girl & surfer monkey in back) although it wasn't my ideal.

    After thinking it over a while, I decided I'll get more usage from a BV or something. So, I'm going to the Ala Moana Shopping Center's LeSportsac boutique, possibly tonight.

    If anyone is interested in it, I can have Megan or one of the SAs put my returned Caramella on hold so that you can go pick it up or have them ship to you if you're not in Hawaii. Ooh custom placement lol.

    If you want this, please don't PM me as I don't notice enough to check those messages; so simply post here and let me know the name under which to put it on hold. Or I'll just use my generic "Lisa" hehe.
    msc-front.jpg msc-back.jpg
  2. aww i love it. you're sure you're not going to try to sell it somewhere?
  3. I'll take it!! Thanks, can you ask them to hold it for Lori. Will they hold it until Thursday or possibly the weekend?
  4. LeSportsac Ala Moana usually only holds for only 3 hours. :sad:
  5. Aaarrrghhh I didn't make it there tonight, gonna shoot for tomorrow.

    They were nice enough to put a toki on hold for me for 3 days, so I'll try to see if they can do that again. So let's say if I return it on Wednesday then they might be able to hold it until end of day Friday or even Saturday -- I am not sure how they count the days but of course will try for as much time as possible! :yes:
  6. Sounds good, I talked to my sister - she can go Thursday for sure and possibly tonight.

    Thanks tokibebe!
  7. carriecamp - Ok, I returned it! It's on hold for you until end of day Sunday 10/17/07.

    Good luck and enjoy! :tender:
  8. :yahoo:Sweeeet! Thank you so much!!!!!!