Returning a defective Chanel after use???

  1. My aunt loved my Mademoiselle camera bag so much, so she ordered one for herself. She's only used it for about 3 or so days and says the top leather is not holding it's shape. She wanted to know if she can return it after she's used it. I didn't know the answer so I figured I'd ask if you all had ever done this. I can't remember if it was NM or Bloomingdales that she bought it from. :confused1:

    I haven't seen her bag in person yet, so I don't know if it is bad or not.
  2. I would think that she should be able to and they should give her a new one. I have a Caviar pink bowling bag....and the handles started cracking. I had it for about 6 months, but had hardly used it (a few times at the most). It was originally a I think it may have been handled too much. I saw some minor cracking at the bottom of the handles before I even used it...but figured maybe that is just how it is supposed to be since that is where the handles bend. I usually don't like to buy a display, but I love that bag and it was the last one.

    The store manager offered to have it repaired by Chanel. I said that I didn't want a "repaired" bag since there is something wrong with it....for it to crack like that with very minimal use. He could see that there was barely a scratch on the feet and no marks at all on the bag. It was not as if I used it often or carelessly. I insisted on a replacement. I was a very good customer at that store and he replaced it with a new one. I didn't have a problem with it since then. For the kind of money we pay for these bags, they should be free of flaws.

    I would have her bring the bag in....and explain what happened. They should give her a new one. Best of luck!
  3. Yeah, I would think they should return it for her. She had it sent to her from an out of state store, same as I had. We don't have a Chanel of any sort here. So I guess she would have to call...
  4. i purchased my chanel reporter back in feb of this year at Saks. used it a few times, then noticed last month that the bottom corners of the leather had been completely scuffed off. so i returned it back to Saks and was able to purchase a new one.
  5. I have had several things happen to my Chanels.I have a patent double flap that I have not used .I went to take it out the other day and notice that the inside flap that is leather stuck to the patent outside flap and actually pulled several places of leather off! Now I store it with tissue paper in between the flaps Usually they come with a piece of felt between the layers but of course mine didn't . Now I know what the felt is for.
  6. NM will absolutely take it back, WITH a receipt unless she knows her SA.
    I had an issue w/ my Luxe Flap after 3 weeks of use and my NM SA was horrrified. She snatched it from me and sent me on my way w/ a new perfect one w/o any talk about it.
  7. I had a similar post to this.. I bought the pink medallion tote.. After less than six months the edges started to wear and look badly .
    Neimans wont return it, but offered to refurbish it for free.. I am not to happy about the refurbishing cause I have never seen one after it has been refurbished.. Has anyone had bad experience with this..
    I will attached pitcures below
    pinktote2.jpg pinktote3.jpg pinktote4.jpg pinktote5.jpg pinktote6.jpg
  8. Please let us know what happens!
  9. I brought back my gold metallic luxe bowler to Neimans after 3 months of use because the gold was wearing off. They sent it to Chanel Paris. I'm still waiting to hear if I will get store credit for it, or if I'm stuck with it.:shrugs:
  10. Smoothoprter, I had similar problem with my Lux flap bag. :sad: It was sent to Paris and after couple of weeks my store manager called me to say that it was manufacturing fault, so they did offer me refund or i was free to choose something else. :yes:

    Don't worry it will work out and you will not get stuck with faulty bag.:flowers:
  11. Roxanna, what color was your Luxe flap?
  12. Wow, since i don't have a chanel yet..this really scares the **** out of me.:wtf::wtf:
    I'm planning to buy the reporterbag, and it will be the most expansive bag I've ever bought...I expect nothing but perfection!....Are there more 'problems' that I should know of?? Are there ladies here who had some diificulties with their reporterbag?? I need to know everything before I go and purchase one..:wondering
  13. BTW..Does anybody here know if the reporterbag will still be available in december? (maybe jan/febr?)