Returning a Bag

  1. I am going to be returning a bag tomorrow to Coach but don't have any Coach shopping bags. What do I bring the bag in? I don't want to throw it in a plastic Stop and Shop bag! What would you do?
  2. i've had that problem before. I just put it in its dustbag.
  3. Just carry it in the dust bag IMO.
  4. do you have any tissue paper ? I would wrap it in tissue and put it in a paper handle shopping bag like from the gap or macys or a canvas shopping bag or tote
  5. If I don't have a shopping bag I bring it in its dust bag.
  6. Okay...dustbag it is! I thought doing that would be a problem. Thanks everyone.
  7. Do you have a COACH gift box? Is it the LEIGH going back?
  8. Ya my gardenia Leigh is going back...I am getting ready right now. I am bringing it in the dustbag.
  9. Yep I have taken it in a dustbag either alone or in another big shopping bag (nordstraom, abercrombie, etc)