Returning a bag

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  1. I bought a bag right before the stores closed and unfortunately, it didn't work out. Do you think I can ship it back to the store even though it's closed, or should I keep it until it re-opens? Has anyone shipped an item back and received their refund?
  2. I would keep it until they reopen. I’d be too worried package could get lost. Pretty sure they will extend their return policy like all stores
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  3. Do not ship just like that, no no
  4. I finally wore my new chanel bag this month & found defects. I was wondering if anyone knew who I could contact or e-mail regarding getting the bag repaired/replaced please?
  5. I also bought a bag that I’m returning. The bag is from Neimans and not a stand alone boutique. Some stores are offering returns. A Fedex driver picks up the package from your house.
  6. What are the defects?
  7. The leather has peeled off all around the edges of the bag & a part of the flap
  8. Oh no!! Is it a seasonal bag?
    You can email customer service and send pictures, I had pretty good experiences with the online cc, they respond pretty quickly.
  9. No it's their permanent bag. Can you please send me their customer service contact info? I couldnt find it on their website