Returning a bag to boutique?

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  1. What happened if you return a FP bag to the boutique? Will my chances of getting a PCE will go down? Do they care?
  2. No, you'll be fine. I've returned a few bags in the past that did not work for me and I still got the PCE's.
  3. No, there is no relation between returning a bag and the PCE...

    The PCE is a Corp. level thing and the choice of who they send it to each time is different but not based on returns...

    I use to get it before I was a big Coachie and then I never got it.. Last year I got it everytime.
  4. Both my husband and I used to get them all the time, and then they totally stopped coming for both of us! I think I've decided that we purchase WAY too much, and that must be the reason we no longer get them! Fortunately, I have some awesome stores that have been very nice to let me use the discount each far anyway.
  5. Actually sometimes the criteria for PCE is linked to your returns. I returned several bags last year due to quality issues (zippers, finding spots or scratches on bags, ordering sight unseen, etc) and although I kept the final bag, it looked like I'd mostly returned the big items during that quarter and kept the small ones. I was told by JAX when I called to ask if I was getting a PCE in the mail that my buying/returning ratio was out of whack for the quarter so they wouldn't be sending me one. I told her if they wouldn't sneak former display bags into the box and send me scratched up bags from JAX I wouldn't have to return as much. Snotty CS rep!
  6. I agree with you, OK Bag Lady. I have, unfortunately, fallen far off of the Coach Bandwagon. I really like the traditional, well made, thick leather, legacy bags, and Coach does not make those bags anymore. In fact, I believe that the bag quality overall has declined much over the past 5 years (what is this cheap silk crap?!), and I find myself buying less and less Coach every year and spend more money on LV and Gucci (mall boutiques). I used to spend thousands, yes thousands, of dollars on full price bags at FP Coach stores (NOT in Macy's, etc) every year and NOT at the OUTLETS. When I starting returning things that I did not like (they were mostly things that were NOT in stock in the store- only found in the catalogs) upon receipt to find they were the wrong color/not my taste, I noticed that I did not get the PCE invites anymore. In fact, it has been over two years since I've had one. I recently bought the Annie in Gunmetal for a Christmas present (in October 2009). In December, another PCE came out, an Email PCE was released before that at in November, and I did not get EITHER PCE. (even tho I had just spent in excess of $1,000.00 in the FP store in October, and had NO returns) I admit, I was FURIOUS. Truthfully, there were a couple of things that I wanted to add to my Christmas loot, but after I found out that I was passed over again (2x!!!) after having spent that much on one visit shortly beforehand, I felt like Coach does not value my business at all. In fact, my mother, who bought ONE gift card for $50 last MAY got a PCE in October 2009 and December of 2009 and I did not get a single one. My mother does not shop at Coach at all- not even the outlets. To give Coach the benefit of the doubt, I did check to make sure that all of my info was correct in the Coach system (which it was, of course, or my Annie would have never made it to me from JAX). Well, this was the last straw for me. I love the SA's at my boutique. Although they would let me use a PCE that was not mine, it still really makes me mad that Coach corporation does not seem to value me as a customer, so I am done with Coach. God bless the lovely SA's at Coach where I live; I find them more friendly than the SA's at Saks and Nordies at times. However nice they are, this last PCE passover was it for me. I returned the Annie (they resold it on the spot) to the store, and I haven't looked back since. Yes, LV and Gucci are more $$$, but I am paying for superb (Coach Legacy Era) leather quality, presentation, and customer service- even at the corporate level. And no, I don't spend the dough that Beyonce Knowles, etc. spend at LV every year, but LV makes me feel just as important as a customer- regardless of how little/much I spend.
  7. i have first hand experience to say this is not necessary true. and that that rep shouldn't have said that to you to begin with, even if it was *absolutely* true which i'm not sure of because i have had PLENTY of customers that just return and buy and return and buy and all of this on PCE too mind you

    you should have reported that cs rep, no rep should be able to speak with you like that, even if you were at vuitton or kmart! reps should just say its up to corporate, the usual bs line but its better then being out of line.

  8. WOW! If this is true, then I think that is VERY unfair... especially since I've noticed a couple of my friends/acquaintances, plus some members here seem to get every invite. The thing is some of them I notice buy, return, buy, return...never to actually keep anything in the end. It seems to be a habitual cycle, and sometimes if anything is kept, it's a small accessory Yet they continue to get the invites.

    In any event, I don't think the CS person should have ever mentioned something like this to you in the first place. I'm sorry she was snotty to you! One time I asked my local store, and I was told I would have to buy "X" amount daily to "EVER" be considered (EVER was stressed). I laughed in her face! None of these comments should ever be made to a customer!

  9. My husband feels 100% the way you do about the whole PCE thing and Coach not valuing its consistent customers. I admit that as of late, a few "things" have happened to kind of turn me off with CS at the boutique and outlet level as well (not PCE related, and things in quotes so as to avoid the stories in particular). As a customer, I don't really ask for much...just someone that follows through with what he/she promises to do (which ultimately results in THEIR sale, so it's a win-win), and I've never expected the red carpet to be rolled out for me either in any manner at all. I would rather be treated like "one of the gals", and basically I just want to buy the product! I've consistently bought at both the boutique and outlet for a while now, and I think I'm always very nice and polite to every store I've worked with. Yet I'm obviously not a valued customer, and WOW was that made painfully obvious. I am not impressed as of late! :nogood:

    Overall ,it's kind of turned me off as well, and I COMPLETELY agree with you regarding LV, except that I'm not a huge fan of coated canvas on overload, and their leather bags are just too expensive IMO. But as far as the company goes at the store level, I've had a bad experience at one store, but I went to another couple of stores and was treated like a queen! I was only looking for fobs one day, and I couldn't believe that they were absolutely as nice and friendly as Coach! I guess it can be hit or miss depending on the store, but I have to say that they have never "lost" my data (a pet peeve my husband literally goes ballistic over), and I get the requested updates and info. I used to be afraid to walk in LV at all based on the stories I had heard, but generally I tend to be pretty outgoing and friendly when it comes to bag talk I guess. :P Otherwise, Nordstrom has always been very, very good to me! The SAs are not usually that informed, but they will absolutely bend over backwards to get the info for you, and live chat is invaluable. This is what I appreciate most. I guess I can live without getting PCEs, as in that's not my primary pet peeve with Coach, but the inconsistencies, decline in QC and quality in general, and other "issues" do bother me. I don't know if I will ever stop buying Coach or not, but I can understand when people choose to take their business elsewhere.
  10. I was just browsing again online at I still don't really see anything that I like. I did see a Kristin Tote in person, and I thought that the leather felt "thin" compared to my Gigi. If I am going to pay $800.00 for a leather tote, I should be well made, imo. All I see on the website is a sea of colored fabrics--- very little leather. I HATE, HATE that new "C" pattern. Yuck. Again, I am going to give credit where it is due, I love the SA's at my Coach store here, I just don't get the Coach corp. BS and the decline in quality. No more for me. No more.