Returning a bag to BNY - do they pay?

  1. Hi all,

    Recently I phone-purchased a bag from BNY. The bag arrived last week and it is not the one I ordered. They sent the wrong bag! They apologized and told to send it back and they would send the correct one. They made no mention of covering the return shipping fee. I feel sort of like a scumbag for asking because the shipping TO me is free, but I still feel like I shouldn't have to pay for return shipping when it is their fault that they sent the wrong bag.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I think they should credit you return shipping or ask them to send UPS or Fed Ex to pick it up. It's not your fault. I am sure they don't expect you to pay for return shipping when they made the error. Don't feel bad about. Ask them how they want to handle the return shipping cost. :yes:
  3. Absolutely they should pay! And it doesn't make you a scumbag, if you call them and nicely ask them how they can work it out so you don't pay for shipping. They may have a Fed Ex account number or one with another courier to give you to use.
  4. I dont think you should have to pay at all! Usually when stores make the mistake of sending out wrong items or defective items they will pay for the return shipping or have FedEx or UPS pick it up for you. I think BNY will probably do the same. I would call and ask them.

    Whatever you do make sure it is insured and have a tracking number. You dont want to be stuck having to pay for a lost bag.
  5. There's no reason to feel cheap or scumbaggish whatsoever. It is quite standard to pay for return shipping when the retailer is in error, they probably just forgot to mention it.