Returning a bag to BalNY?

  1. How does this work? I want to return my Vermillion City because even though it's beautiful, it's just too bright for me. BUT I don't have the receipt anymore. :push: I have my credit card statement that shows I paid for it- lol- and all the tags are still on it and I have never used it. In fact, it's only been out of its dust cover once. I bought it about 45 days ago. Any chance BalNY would take it back? I really just want to trade it for a Tomato.
  2. balny only accepts exchanges within 10 days of purchase with original receipt. as i recalled, they are pretty strict on their policy.
  3. Boo. :push: Well, thanks. The good thing about Bbags is that you can always sell them! ;)
  4. moving to shopping sub....