Returning a 2 year old purse

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  1. So this past week I was in the Coach store and overheard a lady returning a metallic finish purse that she was unhappy with, I believe she a got a 40% off coupon, didn't hear the whole saga so I don't have any more info. 2 years ago for Christmas my husband purchased the Kristen hobo in malachite, (I loved that purse) the finish has rubbed off something awful. I did take it back to the store within the first year and a SA fobbed me off with the excuse that it can happen with the metallic finishes. So after over hearing this conversation I brought the issue up again with a different SA ( the other SA was working that day and I really didn't want to ask her again). I told this SA that the purse was pretty much unusable and looked shabby, she said bring it in! . The purse is really quite bad, the whole strap and top part of the purse that sits close to the body is discolored, it has a green tinge to it and has lost all of its finish. I really hoping they stay by their usual standards and admit its a design issue. Wish me luck!
  2. Good luck! This is why I am so hesitant to buy metallic purses! I was actually looking at the metallic Juliette over the weekend and when I expressed that concern to the SA I was talking to, her response was "Oh no. The metallics hold up well. It's made very well with the leather." I wanted to say well that's not what I've seen on TPF! Hopefully you get the resolution you are hoping for!
  3. They were not able to repair the rubbing damage to my metallic copper zoe but they gave me a 40% off letter and I was able to camouflage the damage so that I can still were her, see link below: