Returner's remorse = Givenchy Nightingale

  1. Bummer - I returned my Nightingale and NOW realize that I want it back again. Does anyone know of stores other than Barneys where I might be able to locate one - the black distressed leather in medium size w/gold hardware? I'm probably out of luck now but figure it can't hurt to ask. I hate it when I don't make the right decision LOL!

    Thanks girls.
  2. Hmmm, am not sure where to get one (other than Barney's), but I adore this bag as well (am dying to get one). Can I ask (if it's not too personal) what your initial resaon for returning it was?
  3. Barneys is out of them wahhh. Well I thought it was kind of cumbersome on the shoulder but I miss it so. I could kick myself now. Looks like I probably won't be able to find another one.
  4. hi! Thanks so much but that's not the version...I'll keep my eyes open!
  5. If you want a PURPLE medium Nightingale (exact same style/size/leather/hardware as Nicole Richie's -- only in purple as opposed to black), I just returned one to Barneys NYC yesterday (Sunday afternoon). That one is the last Purple Medium Nightingale in the country; I had two Nightingales charge-sent to me sight-unseen and ended up keeping the Maxi and returning the Medium. Give them a call in the morning and they might still have it! Good luck!
  6. I PM'd you w/some questions about this - THANK YOU!!!!

  7. I did this w/ a Chanel last year, the dark white Vintage Ligne Tote.
    Took it back and agonized for more than a month before I got it back! LOL!
  8. ahhh...returners remorse is the WORSE! good luck on ur hunt!
  9. LOL swanky! returner's remorse totally SUCKS. hopefully I can find one somewhere!!!
  10. as far as I know, the Barney's SF store has the purple and brown medium size bag. Call Laura at 415-268-3549. she is great to work with. i ended up getting the black large.

    good luck!
  11. Same here....i'm getting to like the bag too. Wuld love to find one soon~
  12. ^^ thanks girls - Laura is very sweet! I can get a purple or cherry-ish brown in medium but have my heart set on black. I would sell my *soul* for this and even pay over retail at this point if I could find an auth one on ebay. Will keep hunting!