Returned Wapity, and GOT A SUPER COOL WALLET!! *~*PICS*~*

  1. Hey Guys

    As you may know, I bought a Mono Wapity in NYC about 2 weeks ago...

    I thought about it, and thought I wanted to exchanget it.

    I went to the LV store, thinking Ill swap it for the Pomme/Framboise/MC agenda..

    I asked her about getting a framboise located and sent to my local LV, but she said that no can do...I was actually not that upset. I looked at the Pomme, and was this close to trading it when she my mom said that I was gonna use it as a wallet instead of an agenda. Then, she showed me this supa awesome thing called a "Diary Wallet", that looks like the Vernis Broome Wallet in a way...

    (They are coming out in Pomme, Perle and Mono)

    I ended up getting that!!

    Its so cute!



    Isnt adorable??
  2. can't wait to see pics!
  3. They couldn't send the Framboise one to your LV? Weird... They ran out of Framboise Ludlow at the LV here so they sent one from Dallas and it should arrive in a few days. But, congrats on your new purchase!!
  4. ^^ They said that usually for transfers, it has to be over 1000 dollars :wtf:
  5. Absolutely adorable ... may I ask how much this was?
  6. That is darling! Its like a little version of the BIG zippy...very cute!

  7. 445.00 USD pretty good price, if I may say so myself :p
  8. Congrats on the new wallet! It looks like a combo of the Vernis Broome like you mentioned and the Mono Geode. :tup:
  9. hehe, i know..
    now me and my mommy are matching

    her speedy 25 and her zippy wallet

    me and my mini sac with my little zippy wallet

  10. Congrats on that new little mono piece !! Does it have an attached chain and do you know if mini agenda refills will actually fit inside it?
  11. more pics are comin!

  12. doesnt have rings, like a real agenda does......for some reason they call it an agenda though..

    but they are coming out with a mini MC agenda type thing WITH a chain!!
  13. [​IMG]

    my new little wallet with her big sis


    ^^ whats inside my neverfull pm for today
  14. i am scanning the little booklet they gave me on all the new upcoming agendas..
  15. Wow. It's so tiny and cute lol.