Returned the Whiskey Paddy


Jan 11, 2006
I guess I couldn't handle the "eyelashes" scattered all over the bottom of the bag. IT's been grossing me out.

I can't believe Bergdorf doesn't even CHECK the bags before they ship them out.

OH well.

I wish there was one big "forum" for this Chloe board. I saw the Chanel has one. Anyways...I feel kinda weird/guilty posting out in the blue about my little issue.
Was that the one you got the big discount on? =P I would do the same thing but I'm curious.... was everything else on the bag perfect, including the lock?
Good riddance to damaged goods. :Push:

Oh, and mammab we all start threads here - it is actually much easier to read and access things this way when there are lots of small threads...Don't feel weird about starting a thread - we all do it. :biggrin: