Returned the Whiskey Paddy

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  1. I guess I couldn't handle the "eyelashes" scattered all over the bottom of the bag. IT's been grossing me out.

    I can't believe Bergdorf doesn't even CHECK the bags before they ship them out.

    OH well.

    I wish there was one big "forum" for this Chloe board. I saw the Chanel has one. Anyways...I feel kinda weird/guilty posting out in the blue about my little issue.
  2. Oh, thats disgusting! You did the right thing! Will you get another?
  3. Eyelashes? What?
  4. Was that the one you got the big discount on? =P I would do the same thing but I'm curious.... was everything else on the bag perfect, including the lock?
  5. wait wait what? did i miss something? eyelashes?
  6. eyelashes?!
  7. Fake eyelashes or real...??:amazed: :blink:
  8. Mammab, I think I would have done the same... Did you keep the quarter???
  9. Gross! :sick: I would have returned it, too.
  10. Aw mammab - I'm eating dinner and started gagging. GROSS!
  11. *sprinkles eyelashes in Roey's potato*
  12. Good riddance to damaged goods. :Push:

    Oh, and mammab we all start threads here - it is actually much easier to read and access things this way when there are lots of small threads...Don't feel weird about starting a thread - we all do it. :biggrin:
  13. Daisy, you are hilarious!:lol:
  14. How did the eyelashes get there? I'm confused. Are they real eyelashes or fake eyelashes?
  15. eyelashes?! ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!