Returned the lovely amarante Viennois :( for a Hampstead MM :)

  1. I didn't expect it but I just couldn't cope with the insane fingerprints (and I'm not a clean freak or anything!!) AND it had a quality issue like some other amarante products. The coin purse department of the Viennois (French Purse) wasn't parallel to the long side of the wallet, one side stuck out :wtf: It just wasn't symmetrical when closed and that really bugged me. My SA was great about it.
    I saw other quality issues with amarante: the inclusion bracelets are often missing some color (white streaks on the inside side) and the Roxbury I tried had a snap button that just didn't stay closed. So this leaves me with only my (perfect) inclusion bracelet in amarante :crybaby:Please be careful when choosing your amarante pieces :okay:

    BUT - I fell in love with the Hampstead MM which even fits my laptop :heart: She's so lovely and versatile, for work and play, and even an overnight stay. And it wasn't so much more than the Viennois (lol) since I only had to pay the difference...
    hampstead1.jpg hampstead2.jpg
  2. congrats!! a bit more money and u get a fully functional bag!
  3. Very pretty! I know what you mean about fingerprints. It was less noticeable on the pomme. That Hampstead is divine! Congrats!
  4. i didnt purchase an amarante item for the same reason. those fingers prints suck the life out of the depth of the color! i to am very particular about flaws on designer items. i have yet to get home and find any, but i definetly ask to see multiple numbers of the same item in order to pick out the best.
  5. Congrats - I like your new bag more then an Amarante piece! Good choice!:tup:
  6. Thanks guys, I wouldn't have used the Viennois especially with the defect. I still want something amarante but I'm not sure I will get something. It's really beautiful but so not practical, aw!
  7. Sorry to hear you're not liking the new vernis.glad you found a bag you like and will enjoy freely.
  8. What a fantastic bag you chose. Is it very heavy compared to a speedy?
  9. Congrats a Bag is so much better then a wallet anyway!
  10. Ditto! Congrats!
  11. Well I still like the new vernis very much, but to look at, not to use :sad:

    The Hampstead is not heavy, just a bit heavier than the speedy, but since you wear it close to your body it seems light. It's so lovely :smile:
  12. That's what I would ask too!!!
  13. Sorry the amarante did not work out, but congrats on your lovely new Hampstead!
  14. Ghost all the same you looks great with your Amarante bag - I hope you enyoy it very much!:yes:
  15. congrats!!