Returned 'sale' jaquetta's

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  1. Has anyone heard anything? Mine should have got back to Mulberry on Friday. Think i'll give customer services a ring tomorrow to see how long it'll take for a refund to be processed.
  2. Good old Customer Services - done it again have they?

    I really hope everybody can get their refunds done in a timely manner this time, and don't have the problems that Salikons had.

    Good luck people!
  3. They are very slow at telling you anything, I sent a bag back for repair and not heard a thing from them - 2 weeks,not even an email or phone call.
  4. Actually you've just reminded me that I returned my Mulberry Agenda about a week ago and haven't heard anything from them yet.
  5. Jo, have I missed a thread. Your Jaquetta has gone back?
  6. 6 weeks for mine! Keep chasing.
  7. Mulberry should receive my Jacquetta today... I hope I don't have to wait too long to hear from them! Since most Jacquettas have been returned for the same reason, I would think they can handle them fairly quickly...?
  8. it doesn't sound very promising, six weeks!?! Good luck on the jaquettas, hopfully they will speed up the process a little.
  9. Yes, there is a thread by haefen about a problem inside the bag with sharp piping poking out. mine had the same problem. Several of us have returned our bags. hence my choc phoebe purchase!!!!
  10. I just called and inquired about my return. They didn't have it in their system yet, I persisted that she look it up and track my bag down as she said it hadn't arrived back yet, while the parcelforce website confirmed that it had been delivered and signed for on 28/1.
    Long story short, I just got an email saying they refunded me the amount plus shipping today, should show up on my credit card in a couple days.

    Hope everyone else who returned their bag will be refunded soon so we can all be done with this unfortunate sale experience.
  11. Oh no, that's dreadful. What's happened to Mulberry quality?

    I'm sure choc Phoebe has more than made up for it though.
  12. ^^yes!
  13. It took a week when they received my bag to refund....
  14. Actually, I checked the trackingnumber yesterday and almost posted about it when I saw that it had been marked as "return to sender" after a failed attempt to deliver. But then I thought best to wait unless I actually see it's leaving the UK. So I have no idea of what's going on with mine. But I am getting a TINY bit worried that they've refused to accept the ups package or something.
  15. oh, but didn't Mulberry arrange the UPS pick up???