Returned Patchwork Ergo...Got THIS!

  1. Ok. You have all followed me through my trials and tribulations on owning a small patchwork ergo, then trading it in for the larger one.

    After taking the larger patchwork ergo home last week, I just didn't like the way that fit either!:sad:

    The small one was TOO small, but the large one was bowing inward, the zipper was warped and it STILL didn't feel right!

    I am heartbroken...I REALLY loved the indigo patchwork patterns and colors!:sad:


    I bit the bullet and returned the large ergo and exchanged it for...

    drum roll please...

    the large CARLY with saddle trim!:drool:

    I am FINALLY happy!:yes:





  2. Oh and I saw the new "camo" scarf print bags at the store...really pretty in person!
  3. LMAO! Another Carly convert! Congrats! Sorry the patchwork didn't work out for you, but that Carly is beautiful!
  4. She is a beauty! :tender: I am glad you didn't settle! If you are going to spend REAL MONEY you just have to love the bag. I have to say looking at that bag makes me itch for one. Oh Good Grief, what is wrong with me? LOL I am such a slut when it comes to a gorgeous bag!
    Enjoy your new love!
  5. I totally agree with LIblue - if you're spending lots of $ on a bag, you should love it and I'm glad you find one you do! It's beautiful and you wear it well!

    Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Hmmm, didn't I hear that the Carly is coming out in the patchwork? I don't know if it will come out in the indigo but would that make a difference to you handbglvr?
  7. Congrats on your new Carly. She is beautiful.
  8. LOL! Thank you! Yes, another Carly convert!:yes:
    After seeing all of you wearing them on the forum, I needed one!

    I don't know if the Carly is coming out in the patchwork...I'd have to see that!:wtf:

    But, I didn't settle (I felt guilty returning 2 bags in one week, though)! The SA's were SO nice to me and basically said what you did...that if I am spending $400, I NEED to be happy!

    And I am truly happy with this bag!:yes:
  9. Congrats!!
  10. I think the Ergo patchwork bags are very pretty-what I mean about not settling was not keeping a bag that didn't make you 100% happy. I have had the same problem with bags-they are so nice to look at but just don't feel right. I am very happy to welcome you to the Carly Sorority! Since I have 3 Carlys does that make me the Head Cheerleader? :dothewave:
  11. I know what you mean. I couldn't justify not being happy with a bag that didn't fit, even though I loved the colors!

    Thank you for the warm welcome into the Carly Sorority oh wise Carly owner!

    THREE Carlys??? WOW!:nuts:

    I can see why everyone has fallen in love with them now that I own one!
    It slouches perfectly, fits great on my shoulder and holds a TON!

    My sister is even hooked!
    She came over and tried it on and wants one now!:p
  12. I'd say it does!

    congrats on the carly!
  13. I love Carly. I hope, wish, dream and hint constantly that I get one for my bday!!!
  14. Congrats! It looks great on you. :smile:
  15. Beautiful bag!

    And as an aside, it looks like a gorgeous day outside where you are! It's warm here today but cloudy.