Returned outlet goodies and got my Carly!

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  1. I returned all my outlet stuff (saddle soho, matching wallet, and yes....the leather legacy wristlet) and bought my long-desired medium black sig carly yesterday. And on the same day, my Goldfish keyfob came in the mail! It was a red-letter day!!

    I am finally at peace. Pics attached! :wlae:

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  2. Enjoy the new bag. I had your bag, but I returned it for a large leather Carly. I needed the room. The large looks huge at first, but you get use to it over time.
  3. woohoo for the carly! love the koi too!
  4. It looks great on you! Your hair looks really pretty too. Congrats on the decision.
  5. You look thrilled!
  6. oh!!! I love the new pic in your signature of your baby. She's beautiful (can you tell I want a baby?)

    Love the Carly too, but that baby is cuter than any purse any day
  7. I love this decision!!! :smile:
  8. Good Choice. The outlet items were nice but the carly wow's. You have a beautiful baby!
  9. Thank you for all the compliments! I am very, very happy and glad I took everyone's advice! :yahoo: (Thank you for the compliments on my DD, too! I love to show off my little angel!)
  10. The carly looks great on you!! Congrats....I'm trying to decide if I want the medium or the large for myself. And your daughter is adorable!!
  11. It looks great on you ! Good decision !
  12. Just gorgeous! You, Carly and your little Angel! Congrats!
  13. Your little girl is ADORABLE! That Carly looks fab-so glad you got it and I love the fishy!
  14. congrats!!!! lucky you!!
  15. :yahoo: I LOVE :heart:LOVE:heart: LOVE your choices! You have my Carly that I'm dying for and my my keyfob that I'm hoping to receive this week! Now I can see how they'll look together. Is that the medium? Congrats!

    Your little angel is a cutie-pie!