Returned my Poussin Knot... for this

  1. Group shot of similarly colored neutral BVs... threw in Ottone in the mix though it is neither brown/beige.


    It seemed like only yesterday when I first shared my BV rainbow (some of you who've been here for a while may remember it)... this group shot is a complete 360!


    The grey undertones of Steel tend to come out more when you put them beside similar greys or cool colors (Limo Veneta in the photo)


    And you once again see the brownish undertones when paired with warmer ones (Elephant Veneta)

  2. TDL, thanks for posting the comparison pictures. Your collection is TDF!! When paired with warmer tone, the Steel looks "green." Interesting...
    Also the crocs knot looks darker too compared to the Steel wallet.
  3. Thanks so much for the comparison pics, you have an amazing collection! Like many of us here, Ebano is one of my absolute favorite BV classics! It may have something to do with the fact that I go bonkers for dark chocolate - the bitter dark kind. I meant to ask if the US boutiques carry the Ebano croc knot, not the Steel croc knot. I have never seen an Ebano croc knot on the BV website, or on tPF for that matter. Good point about the scale pattern not being as obvious in Ebano. If you could take a pic when you are in your boutique next, that would be really helpful. Thanks again!
  4. Ahhh, so you saw the green undertone too... remember Ash & its olive undertone? Now you know why I bit the bullet on Steel. I lusted for Ash for so long and now that Steel came along and the color transforms depending on the environment and what you pair it with then I now think it's even more magical and versatile. :graucho:
  5. I'd like to think that Ebano and Nero croc knots are readily available in most boutiques since they are classic colors.

    In fact, Grandmommie has one! I think she's taking some time off tPF but here's her previous pic of the Ebano croc knot and the Lilac zip wallet.

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    Yes, Ash & Steel are not much different... that's why I took the plunge. If you're really particular about your colors and if you stare hard enough then you'll see the nuanced olive undertone with Ash and the beigey/mocha/grey undertone for Steel. And just now you saw the green undertone when you pair it with a warmer color so it really fills the gap that Ash left for most of us. It's like the difference between Anemone and Violet... very subtle.

    As for the photos... I can't promise since each of these colors are located in different boutiques. Plus, I lost my SA 2 months ago so I don't have anyone to ask for photos. But I have some swatch pics of the color and can describe them to you in case you're familiar with the older BV colors as reference.

    Ebano & Tourmaline - the croc version looks exactly like any of the other bags in nappa, calf/vachette, etc. You can refer to the color threads for pics and see the post above for Ebano.

    Duchesse – does not look like the nappa version of this color at all. Nappa is a soft yellow resembling a light chartreuse with tinges of green undertones. In croc, it looks much closer to a paler version of Yolk (S/S 2010) without the green undertones. The pic below with gradation is Duchesse in Cocco Glace (shiny croc). The soft croc fume is the second pic. The 3rd photo is Duchesse and Appia in Cocco Glace and Corot in soft croc fume.

    Edoardo – I previously posted a pic of a cosmetic case and the Ostrich color looks 1-2 shades darker. And because it has the soft fume treatment for croc, you’d see a more defined finish on the leather vs. the nappa fettuce where you can see the fine grains up close.
    DuCroc.JPG DSCN2646.JPG DSCN2643.JPG
  7. Other current season croc colors... Krim, Reseda, Edoardo. Out of this group, I've only seen a croc Knot in Krim and Edoardo
    DSCN2645.JPG ResCroc.JPG DSCN2636.JPG
  8. Wow, TDL your collection is gorgeous! Neutral heaven!

    I am so sad I missed out on elephant.

    Thanks for the details about the fringe knot. It looks so cute and is definitely on my list of items to ask about next time I'm at BV.
  9. Now that's some delightful chocolate decadence!
  10. Thank you, TDL. You are the best. I am craving for one now. I am considering to pass the SO to get the and yes, no worry about the crocs pictures.
  11. i love the ring, and the knot~! Woohoo
  12. BV tends to recycle colors from time to time so I'm sure there will be something in the future that resembles it. But yeah, that particular season (F/W 2009) had a LOT of yummy colors.

    Thanks, dinitegrity!
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    :lol: :lol:

    my sisters





  14. Howdy, sisters! Big Steel says hi to little Steel and Plum! :party:

    sbelle - Aside from our fraternal knots, I actually ended up getting the Bottle Marcapunto in a Medium so we have fraternal Cabats too! I'll always remember you and that mini green Cabat. Funny how for some reason, I always end up getting the bigger version while you end up with the smaller ones. Maybe some day the sisters will get to meet :smile:
  15. What??? You got it, finally! Hello, my twin! :nuts: now I think we're identical and fraternal (with my little sister Barcelona to your medium, correct?).