Returned my Poussin Knot... for this

  1. Perfect bag in every way and that ring is totally cool, congratulations to you on everything :woohoo:
  2. Thanks, YellowLabKiss! I seem to have developed a more adventurous streak when it comes to nails this past year.

    I pre-ordered the fringe knot from the trunk show a few months back. I love texture on leather bags/clutches and this one was all that and yet was buttery soft. Plus, Poussin is a great neutral color and would be the perfect foil from my other knot which is Ink (dark blue violet) with some metallic accents. BV did another nappa fringe ayers knot 2-3 years back and I think this 2013 version is much classier.

    I posted close up shots of the weave on the following thread in case you've not seen -

    If it came in a stretch and if $$$ was not an object for the croc knot then I would've kept both. Alas, I'm not like sbelle... who keeps both (just kidding, S!) ;)
  3. Thanks, SS! You took the words off my mouth...

    I live in a country where returns aren't the norm. Thankfully, it all worked out and I was able to get the perfect knot for me.
  4. OMG ..... I love it, congratulation on that magnificent knot .... I know what you mean about the Fume... I regret not buying it too, Enjoy your gorgeous bag
  5. Thanks, hotshot! I initially thought that a croc knot is to be reserved for more formal and dressier occasions but I completely get what you're saying about the "day & evening" functionality. For instance, I used it yesterday and I was just in my casual weekend get-up of t-shirt and jeans.
  6. Thanks for your kind words, mundodabolsa, papertiger and Miva!

    Now on the topic of Steel vs. Ash croc knots... I have long admired the Ash croc knot from afar and was more than happy to hear that they've been sold out for a while now. That way, I don't need to keep dreaming about it. :graucho:

    Ash is 2 shades darker and had stronger olive undertones. Steel on the other hand has a wider range of undertones because it looks grey under certain lighting and dark beigey brown in others. I didn't make the connection that both colors in croc would look quite close since the same colors in nappa look very distinct.

    I never even thought of checking the Steel croc knot when they introduced the color last year and was pleasantly surprised on the resemblance. It must be the fume (smoked) effect during the dyeing process but I'm glad it turned out this way.
  7. Now how about a group shot... and a few more details of the knot clasp. I moved the ring to my index finger since it looked better on the photo. :p
    DSCN2549.JPG DSCN2566.JPG DSCN2564.JPG
  8. Double wow! :smile:
  9. gagabag - Double thanks! :ghi5:
  10. So beautiful, congratulations!
  11. TDL- congratulations. everything is just beautiful. the croc. stretch knot, the ring and your pictures are all amazing. use them all in good health and happiness. i also love your watch.
    hope everything is good and hope to see you soon.
  12. I've always thought I wasn't a lover of exotic materials, but that is absolutely stunning!!! Perfection............congratulations on acquiring this beautiful Knot!
  13. Thanks, both! I'm "steel" in a knot daze :graucho:

    annie9999 - all is well and I hope the same is with you. Been busy with work, transitioning into a new role and cheating a lot with shoes lately (my greatest weakness). NYC is definitely in the cards this year and I'll email all of you as soon as it is locked.
  14. Thanks, boxermom! I'm not an exotic fanatic as well but the stars seem to have aligned for this one. The color, the size (stretch knot all the way!), the scales (I prefer smaller over larger sections)... it was the perfect one for me.

    I thought about it and in the end, I realized I'd rather have this one knot than 3 others that doesn't tick all my boxes.
  15. You will see that you will start leaning more towards your knot for use during thee day..

    It will also be great for the summer too... I haven't regrettted making this investment

    at all...

    To me the color is functional 12 months