Returned my Poussin Knot... for this

  1. Be "Steel" my heart!!! My second stretch knot, unboxed :love:
  2. Never had I imagined that I would one day be the happy (but broke) owner of a croc knot.
    It was the last piece where I lived and I knew it was now or never.

    My Poussin Nappa Fringe Ayers knot while lovely, had to go back. Deep in my heart, I knew that I would always be a stretch knot kind of a gal. And Steel reminded me of the Ash fume stretch knot from 4-5 years back (the one that got away).
  3. Oh my gosh, TDL, that's just absolutely gorgeous! Wow!
  4. Some photos of the details. And as we know, the color Steel has a chameleon-like quality to it. Is it beige? grey? ash? light brown?

    Below are comparison pics... first one without flash, second one with flash.
    SCK03.jpg SCK04.jpg SCK05.jpg
  5.'s gorgeous. I did not realize crocs came in stretch knot. TDL, is it a special order?
    Congratulations :smile: Happiness is key
  6. indiaink - thanks for your comments and for making this reveal a tad less lonely :biggrin:
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    Thanks, lkweh! No, it's not a special order. However, colors aside from Nero and Ebano are quite hard to come by since BV does not produce a lot of croc stretch knots in seasonal colors. I was lucky to have my pick from a few colors at my local boutique right now... Blood, Edoardo, Krim, Duchesse, Tourmaline, Ebano and Nero. They also had a Violet croc but not in stretch.

    I almost went for Blood but they managed to find me the last piece of Steel in the warehouse. :yahoo:
  8. Well, and there is something else... I didn't completely pass on Poussin and I got me a little something to ring in Spring.

    Here's one of the Enameled Antique Silver rings from the S/S 2013 collection. This particular design comes in 2 sizes and this is the smaller of the two.
    IMG_0418.JPG DSCN2530.JPG
  9. The ring in action ;)
    IMG_0424.JPG IMG_0429.JPG
  10. I love the ring! (And your fancy French manicure too!)

    Congratulations on the stretch knot! Croc knots are something else.

    What did you think of the fringe knot (other than it wasn't quite right for you)? I haven't seen in IRL yet but I love the look of it from the catalogue. I am a regular size knot girl.
  11. Ohlala I love the croc stretch knot and the ring is really really nice
    I like it so different
    wear them both in good health
    I would return all my BV for a croc stretch knot :woohoo::yahoo:

  12. The creme de la creme... you will enjoy this tremendously!!!

    I use mine during the day & the evening as well..
  13. I think this knot may be one of my favorite knots ever. so gorgeous, and you took some great pictures too.
  14. Steel is great choice. Ash would be nice too. I saw the Krim (but not stretch) when I was in SF a couple weeks ago. It is soooo soft yet beautiful. Thanks for the info, TDL.

  15. I agree this is one of my favorites but I recently got the

    steling silver basketweave knot, which is moving slowly into

    first place...:smile: