Returned my Poppy Jazzy at the outlet today but.....

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  1. I went back to the outlet today to return the bag I bought there on Sunday. I really did fall in love with it when I saw it at the outlet. But last night when I tried it on with the crossbody strap it was just too long. I am 5'1" and it was past my hip and was hitting my thigh, wouldn't be so great for walking in the mall or anyplace else. I also didn't care for the material the strap was made out of and it was not adjustable. They had a ton of bags from fps today and I bought one.

    Wanna see? lol

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  2. Yeah! I want to see
  3. I want to see too!
  4. me too!
  5. Here it is.......
    Mia Convertable in SV/ Gunmetal
    Just saw this in the fp store 2 weeks ago for $298.00. I was so torn that day between the gunmetal and the eggplant and went home with the eggplant. So when I saw this today at 30% off in the outlet she had to come home with me and the best part is I saved $89.40! I also bought a pony tail scarf today but didn't get to take a pic because the batteries just went dead in my camera.

    Now here's the next part of the story. My dh was there and spotted the Eggplant Mia and bought it. I still have the tags on the one from the fps that I bought 2 weeks ago so when I go up to the mall in 2 weeks I will return it and again I will have saved another $89.40. I feel bad taking it back, but my dh said you haven't used it yet and the tags are still on it so it's a no brainer.

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  6. Cute bag!
  7. Great find!! I love it!
  8. Wow! I can't believe that bag is already at the outlet!! Congrats :balloon:

  9. Thanks! :smile:
  10. Congrat's! Just keep an eye on the metallic leather:smile:Some tend to peel! But you got a good deal...It didn't take long for those to get to the Outlet's!
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    Last edited: Sep 30, 2010
    Thanks! :smile:
    I couldn't believe it either! The sa said they just got it in today! I really lucked out because I almost didn't go today because the weather was so crappy! But I have to work tomorrow so I thought I may as well go today and get it over with and not have to go into AC on the weekend!

    eta.... They also had an Embossed Madison carry all that was reg. $598. I was tempted and would have bought it but I carried it around for a while on my shoulder and it felt heavy to me. If not I would have gladly gone over budget and bought it. It's a beautiful bag! Someone here just revealed one a couple of days ago and I was almost drooling!
  12. great find! the metallic leather looks so glam
  13. Very pretty! Can't believe they are already at the outlet!
  14. Thank you, I'm so excited that I found it!

    I couldn't believe it either!
  15. Great find, Jersey Girl -- and very pretty!

    Saving almost $90 is like :yahoo: