Returned My Flaking Ocelot... Wanna See What I Got?

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  1. Anybody interested? :nuts:
  2. ohhh a live one...i'm here
  3. Oh yes.. I do
  4. Me!!
  5. i wanna see!!!!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. OK!! Here we go!

    I was so excited about the bags, I had to take a pic... :P

    Attached Files:

  8. I want one of those bags! :amuse:
  9. wow i have a ocelot med wristlet with no problems which piece had the problem...cant wait to see the replacement.
  10. Being that the closest boutique is in Ann Arbor, I don't get to go very often! I was thrilled to actually have the Legacy bags.

    Oh, the smaller bag is my daughter's stuff!
  11. I love the legacy stripe bags... Evey time I get one I keep it.
  12. I had the Audrey and the loops where the hangtag is attached was peeling a flaking, horribly. I haven't had any problems with my accessories, but was so diasppointed with the bag. :cry:

    Hopefully this bag will make up for it!
  13. So, here she is just hangin' out in her jammies...

    I think you guys will be able to guess what this is!

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  14. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i;am here!!!!!!!!!
  15. I see lilac...