Returned metallic black 227 got a dark silver 226

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  1. A SA was nice enough to find me a metallic black 227, but i already have the pocket in the city tote in what looks like a metallic black, so I decided to get a dark silver... they only had a 226 there, and the SAs there convinced me to get the smaller size, since i am 5'1" and I didn't want to wait for the 227... also i already have the modern chain tote in dark red and mademoiselle? tote in light green, and they are both big bags... ahhh! did i do the right thing?

    what i REALLY wanted was any size in the grey reissue, but i heard they are impossible to find :sad: any chance that they will come out with more of them? should i try ordering from different countries :smile: this has probably been discussed before, but i'm hoping the metallics will still be classics and not trendy pieces... i am hoping to use this as not just an evening bag, but an everyday bag.

    will post pics of my family soon! in the last 6 months i just got 4 bags!

  2. I love the 226 size. Actually prefer it over the 227. Congratulations!
  3. I think it will looks better on you than 227. For metallic colors I prefer smaller sizes so they will not be too loud, although Dk silver is not loud at all =D

    I love metallic black too, so chic!
  4. And I am waiting for your pics of your Chanel family~~haha
  5. I think the 226 size in the dark silver is perfect for wearing both day and night.
  6. I'm so excited to get it! It's funny the SA said she already had a buyer for my 227 metallic black... it's very similar to my pocket in the city medium bag which i loveee (and i'm wearing today). will post pics soon!!!
  7. ITA :yes: