Returned Legacy Leather for Signature (pics)

  1. Not sure if you recall but i was torn with whether or not I should return this:s:

    Well I did return it :graucho:& I got this:yahoo::
    I love it..its sooo much lighter less bulk.
  2. Ooo~ That was a good choice!

    The new one is very pretty!
  3. good choice.. that looks really good on you!!! :tup:
  4. I like that darker color much better! Great choice!
  5. I actually like the signature better! It really makes the leather trim "pop". The darker color also makes it look more sophisticated. Enjoy it!!!
  6. I like the new one better! Good Choice!:tup:
  7. I am more of a signature fan for TWO main reasons....signature has NO maintenance AT ALL., an occassional cleaning w/ Coach signature cleaner on a plain white rag is all it takes to get any stains out!!!!, AND signature is MUCH MORE lightweight on the shoulder! I think you made a WONDERFUL DECISION!!! ENJOY your new bag!!!!
  8. what color is your new signature?? It looks very pretty. It doesn't have that sag at the bottom that I remember was bugging you about the leather one. Good choice!!!:yes:
  9. Omg! YOu made the Right Choice!!!!!!!!!! The new one looooks so much better than ever!
  10. Yayy thank ladies your comments made my day.
    Mommyville you're right NO maintenance & with 2 little ones I need to not worry about my bag.
    Cveroff its brown like chocolate brown.
    I love it!!!
  11. AHA!!! That is EXACTLY why I started to buy signature!!! And now that my kids are 5 and 8 years old, I am STILL buying signature! LOLOL Your new bag is GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS, AGAIN!!!!
  12. Ooh, you made a really good choice! The new bag looks fab on you!
  13. It's gorgeous! I like the darker much better! It even looks better on you! Great choice!
  14. I saw that bag in the Coach store when I went in for PCE, it is just beautiful! The legacy pieces in brown are my favorite!
  15. Very nice......I like the signature so much better than that leather one.