Returned golden arrow,

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  1. Hi so even thought your posts had the most accurate advice I still took golden arrow back, and guess what I bought. The baby leopard which is fabulous ,

    They did have the speedy in leopard lovely bag but to much leopard a bit like a carpet bag,

    Anyway I still not happy the sa said it was a evening bag I thought it was big enough for every day as you can fit quite a lot in it but when I looked in the mirror because I not so petite I felt the bag to small for me

    So I am going to have to return, Don't know what I will get now
  2. Return it....and then walk away from the store:lol:....don't rush into a decision right now.. Take your time and decide, and you will find something you love!!!:biggrin:
  3. ]Oh, the thrill of returning a bag.

    It is not too much fun.

    I agree with IN LVOE ...just walk away for a bit and see how things develop.
  4. Thank you will post it back I think to embarrassed x
  5. Yes this ^

    Don't be embarrassed and don't let the SA pressure you into buying something else right away. Tell them you have to think about it so you can feel good and happy about your purchase, then get your money back and walk away quickly :biggrin: don't let the dim lights and ambiance make you do something you'll regret in the morning :graucho::biggrin:
  6. Thanks your so right whenever I have bought. Something from lv I come out excited really happy etc. a month ago I bought 2 leopard stoles one blue one rose pop because I loved them both. Returned the blue because it was to much money to keep 2 but omg the rose pop no. Way would I take that back. I just new it was right for me Xx
  7. I'm sure something you love will come along soon. I really thought I wanted the arrow but decided the flap would drive me crazy. I'm still crossing my fingers for a regular speedy with black handles!
  8. Thank you cutiepiescloset I think a speedy with black handles would be fab maybe Louis Vuitton might make you and I one just for us ha ha. Was even thinking of doing a. Mon monogramme With black stripe. Even looked at mens keep all but there to big. Speedy emp would of. Been perfect if a size 30
  9. Sorry for a bit of a hijacking question OP, but I just wanted to ask- I thought LV doesn't do refunds? I think I saw it on the receipt or something... or do you just return it for a store credit then? :sweatdrop:
  10. I just bought the baby leopard! I love it and I'm not a small girl, but I really couldn't pass it up. Good luck with your next purchase.
  11. In the US there is a 14 day return policy for a full refund but the bag must be in new condition not used. After that there is a 30 day exchange policy but again bag must not have been used/carried. Not sure of the policy overseas...

    I agree with In LVOE and the other posts...return the baby leopard and walk away for a bit. You need to love the bag you chose. Dont feel pressured and you will know when the bag feels just right for you, just like the stole you were mentioning. You just know...
  12. ITA with yakuzabear, that's the policy at the US boutiques, and also some LV shops inside department stores don't accept refunds at all, only exchanges. I think Bloomingdales is one of them. Your best best is to ask at your local store, you don't want to assume the wrong thing here and get stuck with store credit.

  13. Ooooh I see, thanks for the info guys :biggrin:
    I think in that case OP can only get store credit... I'm in England as well, and I've bought from our Maison (not an Lv inside dept store) and I've just checked my receipt and it says no refunds. :sad:

    OP, let us know what the case is for you! :smile: