Returned from Hawaii with BV in hand!!!!!!

  1. I am sure all of you BV lovers can relate to my complete and total feeling of excitement and happiness.....all I can say is YAY!!!! FINALLY!!!!! I landed in Hawaii and practically headed straight for BV. I am SO glad I waited to try bags on as I found the Sloane, while incredibly beautiful (they had it in ferro....swoon!), way too bulky and cumbersome for me. I looked at all the colors, tried on lots of bags and just enjoyed looking at everything. I even looked at the exotic skin bags, even though I had less than no intention of buying anything in ostrich or python. They were fun to look at though. I even tried on jewelry, shoes and sunglasses. Hey, I was there so I figured why not??? My SA was really SO very nice and helpfully showed me anything I wanted to see. In the end, I played it somewhat safe and went with a medium veneta in ebano....what a GORGEOUS color, especially in person. I can see why it is a classic. I wavered between the nero and ebano but that warm brown just called to me so I took it. I also bought 2 wallets!!!! A large zip-around wallet, also in ebano, and a smaller one in a color that is exclusive to Hawaii (I am not sure of the name but will see if I can find it somewhere) which is a metallic silvery color - totally beautiful:drool:. I also took note of an amazing silver bangle bracelet that is actually woven strips of silver, NOT birthday is at the end of Jan so I oh-so-helpfully "suggested" it to my husband:graucho:. I totally adore all my purchases and they are worth all the waitng I did!!! BTW, I also saw the ottone....OMG, I LOVE it!!!!! I would love to get something in that, but I will have to control myself for now. It is simply amazing IRL. I am going to take pics right now of my things and post pics today! :yahoo:
  2. MAJOR CONGRATS to you!!! Now please post the pics so we could all DROOL (can never get enough of looking).
  3. Many congrats! please post some pics as soon as you can! BTW what bags did you see in ottone??? Please tell...
  4. Aaahhh, I can feel your excitment through the PC screen Olympia!!! Isn't it the best to try everything possible at a boutique? Can't wait to see all the pics especially the exclusive colour!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  5. Olympia177, what a great way to start the year! Congrats! Please post pics when you have a chance.
  6. sounds like not only did you make great purchases, but had so much fun doing it, I can feel your enthusiasm through the screen!
  7. Congrats! Can`t wait to see pics of your Veneta and this color, that is exclusive to Hawaii!

    Did you shop at Ala Moana?
  8. That sounds so great -that you got things you liked and that you had so much fun getting them. Can't wait to see your pix!
  9. Ok, I have my pix all taken and ready and I CANNOT find the UB cable and stuff to connect to the computer!!! ARGHH:cursing:!!!! It is in my luggage somewhere, I will have to get DH to help me dig through the stuff. As soon as I get the connecting pieces, up go the pix (I even took some long overdue ones of my karung knot clutch)! The name of the exclusive Hawaii color is, I believe, "Almature"...the SA pronounced it "All-Ma-Too-Ray"...when I asked. If anyone knows more definately, please chime in!

    C_24 - I went to both Ala Moana and the Kalakaua store on Waikiki, but did my shopping at the Kalakaua location.

    Pix are coming........
  10. Congrats, can't wait to see the pix!
  11. Syma, I saw the fab, amazing, unbelievable Cabat...gorgeous....wish I could afford the price tag! Also, an evening clutch, not a knot...similar to the cosmetic bag, but bigger...had I been able to, I would have brought that baby home as well....words really fail me to describe it! I wish they were not discontinuing the the time I am able to gather up the funds for it, they'll be gone:sad:....unless Ana can work some magic!
  12. welcome back, olympia177... we can't wait to drool, i am now praying that you find your cable asap! grant me patience... :push:
  13. Congrats! I just got my own just last week and I'm still soaking in the happiness! Pics soon ya!
  14. Yeah!!! It's so nice to hear about a successful long awaited shopping trip to BV. I can't wait to hear about the exclusive color--sounds lovely! The ebano is really a luscious color, so good choice on the veneta!
  15. Olympia177, it sounds like you had a blast in Hawaii and at the BV store! Love your excitement. I can totally relate. Post pics of your purchases when you can. Can't wait to see the metallic color!