Returned: Black Reissue 227

  1. Hi all!

    As some of you know I had called my local boutique and they located a Black Reissue 227 w/ silver HW. It was sent to me from Virginia. I was told it was a store display.

    Neway I recieved it yesterday, and unfortunately it wasn't love at first sight. I liked it, but it wasn't love. For that amount of money I should be INSANE over it, and I wasn't. :sad:

    As for it's seemed to be ok. Uhh, the bottom looked like it had been folded, like it had been folded down. I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be. I guess that would go away w/ time. Who knows?

    I returned it earlier today. So if any of you are interested I returned it to SCP (Southcoast Plaza) Chanel in So. Calif.

    Well, back to the drawing board...LOL!! ;)
  2. I bought 227 and returned it as well. It looked way too big on me! I found 225 later and fell in love with it!

    It's a beautiful bag...but if you weren't in love with it, returning it was the right decision!
  3. OMG.. you shouldn't have returned it because thats how the reissue is designed!

    Anyways, if you search up I had bought an reissue that really had more than just a fold and that was not normal. BUT ALL REISSUES HAVE A FOLD.. they are made of aged soft lambskin without anything on the base so its meant to look more "smooth" and not as rigid as the classic flaps.
  4. And yes it does smooth out with time..although it doesnt bug me at all.. its better that way because I can hold it closer to my body without it feeling like a "box".
    If you ever find an reissue with the bottom not folded its probably not even real! Anyways I'm sad to hear you let go of such a classic bag but its your money so of course if you don't feel like its right for the price ! Don't keep it!
  5. Well, besides the fold thing....I just wasn't feeling it. It was too small for all my things also. I'd have to leave some things behind. I just didn't get as excited as I thought I was going to be. :sad: So that being the case, I thought it would be best to return it for something I do love. Whatever that may be. Still searching....
  6. Thx! Ya, $2000 is alot of money for something that I wasn't lovin'.:yes:
  7. You made a wise decision. If you weren't feeling it, that is just too much money to keep it just because it is a Reissue. There are many beautiful bags out there. You'll find one that you do :love: at first sight.
    And... at least you got it and found out it wasn't meant to be, instead of wondering about it & never having gotten it to even try it.
  8. ^ita!
  9. Ya, that's why I "went for it". I told dh, "I won't know til I see it...I'll just have them send it to me." If I don't like it, at least I can get it out of my system, and not regret at least giving it a try. Dh agreed and was like.."Ya, you'll never know if you don't try it and see it in person." So that's what I did.

    Thanks...yep I hope to find "the bag" for me! I'm sure it's out there somewhere. Where? I do not know...but somewhere. :rolleyes:
  10. Too bad you didn't love it. I am sure you will find something you do love.
  11. You must have been disappointed when you looked at it and realized you did not love it. I was at the Chanel at SCP today also.
  12. Aw, sorry it didn't work out. You should maybe take a look at the Grand Shopping Tote. I recently got one, and it holds a ton.
  13. Oh that's too bad. I love the reissues - I have three. But I agree for that kind of money you have to love it.
  14. Thanks everyone!!!:flowers:

    Ya, I was.....I was like.....Darn.:oh: Oh well. Well on a positive note, I'm $2,000 richer! LOL!!! :lol: Now I'm thinking I just need to research, research, research.....All I know is I want a black shoulder bag....Now I'm thinking I need to broaden my choices to some other designer bags besides Chanel. Just look into all the options before I make my choice.

    I did ck out the GST, the Cambon Blk/Blk CCs (patent), and the Medallion tote...all of them were nice, but just not "the one". I just want to LOVE :love: whatever bag I buy like I do my other bags. (I'm still thinking about the Medallion one though...) Hmm..

    Neway...Thanks again everyone for listening!
  15. I understand exactly how you feel, LVCRAZED. It's smart to return something that you don't really love.

    I'm also on a hunt for the perfect bag and haven't found it yet. I haven't bought a new bag in a year! Oh well, it's fun to keep looking...