Returned Black GST....Grab It!!!!

  1. I just returned a black GST with gold hardware to Saks San Antonio. It was received last night so not sure if it's on the floor yet. Ask for Laura Holloway (handbag manager) she handled my return.
  2. Hope somebody got this!!!! I just got a Black w/Gold GST at Saks Santa Barbara! At the time it was the last one before the new washed caviar!!
  3. If i didn't own a GST in silver h/w, i will go for it....It's a lovely bag~

    Thanks for posting it!
  4. hey there-

    is it the large tote bag style? (if so, i've been reaalllly thinking about getting one. (or one of the new Bal city colors)-I think it's the one i;m picturing-you don't happen have a pic? what was the final price? TIA!