Returned Black Ali for Black Ergo Hobo

  1. I bought the black Ali during Macy's F&F, took it home, put all my stuff in it, carried it around and decided it was too heavy. The hardware is huge! It was so heavy my shoulder hurt. I returned it for the black Ergo Hobo. I am in love with the soft, squishy leather! I saw my reflection in a window and thought the hobo looked pretty hot! Am I in the minority in thinking the Ali is too heavy and the Ergo is a better bag? I think I want the Ergo hobo in red too!
  2. I am truly, madly, deeply in LOVE with the Ali. She is the greatest bag Coach ever designed (in MY humble opinion).
    BUT the ergo is most definitely a much lighter bag and also very very very HOTT (so hot, that it requires two t's). Leather, patent, whatever . . . ergo is hott and light (which is extra comfy and squishy).

    (FYI - I own two Ali's - black and brown. And I am planning on the Red Patent Ergo. Have you seen the one posted on here?!!? It is amazing!)
  3. The Ali is a heavy bag because it is a substantial leather. The Ergo is a lighter weight leather. I own two Ali's and about five Ergo's. I love them both. I just switch them out. I wear the Ali for a few days, and then the Ergo for a few days.
  4. I'm enjoying my Ali. I don't find it too heavy. I do find myself admiring the ergos though too. They are good looking bags.
  5. I have both, yes, Ali is a weightier heavier leather, and the ergo lighter, but both are great looking bags. And, of course be comfortable or you won't use it! Enjoy your new Ergo!
  6. i have both as well and the ergos are much lighter and i love them a lot but i am madly in love with my Ali as well and i acutually dont find it to be THAT heavy,,,
    but of course if it was hurting your shoulders :smile: you did the right thing ;)