Returned Bag lost by Royal Mail!!

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  1. I returned my Shimmy Hobo to Mulberry last week and it's never been received.
    Royal Mail are at a loss and starting an investigation.
    Has anyone else had an experience like this with Special Deliveries??
    A bit annoyed as it could take weeks to get a refund.
  2. Oh noo poor you! I have never heard of a parcel going missing by next day special delivery. I hope they find it or give you a refund quickly
  3. Me neither - surely the point of special delivey is to guarantee delivery....or is that recorded??! Too complicated now in my opinion. What a shame Rachiem, really hope they sort it soon.
  4. Rachiem its happened to me too. My package should have been delivered on 1st July (Special Delivery and fully insured thank goodness). Royal Mail say it was sent out for delivery but never arrived. They are investigating. I have to wait until at least 10 days after it should have been delayed to start a claim.

    Just out of interest what day should yours have been delivered? It seems a huge coincidence to me.
  5. that's awful! does the tracking say it got to Shepton PO (ie is it out for delivery)? at least that way they'd know who had it last.... at least it was SD though so it should be covered to its full value...
  6. I sent mine on 2nd July! It was sent to Radcliffe with no further info
  7. It took 6 months to get my money back for a parcel sent to South Africa that never arrived. Hopefully the process will be much quicker within the UK- or hopefully they can find the parcel!
  8. Oh well at least we can't say it is one postie who has made off with them! Mine reached the depot and was in the van to be delivered so must have been in the SM area. Will phone again for an update as I reported it on Monday morning.
  9. I'll watch out on Ebay!

    Actually, I wasn't too worried to begin with as I wondered whether Mulberry only accept return deliveries on certain days during Sale time.
  10. OMG, never thought of that. Actually there was one of my bags on ebay after I'd posted mine back but from a lovely tPF'er so I know that one was okay.
  11. My bag has been delivered now. Must have got there yesterday - just one week late! Now I guess I will have to wait weeks for the refund.
  12. That's great news that it turned up Bluecat!
  13. That's great news, perhaps they have a backlog?
    You should insist on your postage back! It will cover the inconvenience.
  14. ^^You can get the money you paid for postage refunded if it did not arrive by the next day. Just call them and raise a fuss!
    I am thinking that Mulberry get so many bags delivered that the postman does not make them sign for individual parcels. In which case this is their fault and should refund you straight away.
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    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    oh no you got me worried i sent my roxy canvas back by rm special delivery it was due to be there before 1 pm on Monday of this week i looked on line to track and trace it but it said no info was available. i phoned RM cs and they colud not help me i was given the RM office nearest to SM ans the guy said there he could not help me either but did say a van load of returned parcel had gone up there on Monday.

    i even phoned Mulberry direct and all they could say was, there were well over 200+ returns boxes in the warehouse waiting to be opened and sorted out.

    I just checked on line on RM track and trace and it says my bag has been delivered to mulberry , Phew what a relief.

    * just got off the phone with RM CS and they have said Sheton have had a problem with there track and trace system. so the pacels are taking time to come on there system.