1. I returned the patchwork duffle in browns earlier this week. I found it to be not quite roomy enough and the tote was not doing it for me either. I am still looking for my perfect mahogany bag.
  2. The Coach I got is darling but of course not big enough for my business style I had to cave until I find the perfect tote and bought a Baby Phat slouch bag instead. It is supposed to make me feel "sexy" LOL
  3. I want something that is roomy enough and comfortable on my shoulder that looks great as well. I really like the legacy leather shoulder bag with the 2 pockets in the front. I have a Dooney denim pocket bag that is working out well but I really love the Coach leather. Dooney makes this bag in leather but for some reason I prefer the Coach leather over Dooney's.

    Oh, an I removed that metal duck from the side of the bag. I like the coach hangtags but not the dooney - whatever you call that thing.
  5. Sorry about the bag....Dooney's leather lends to seem heavier to me than Coach's, i don't know why. Like i have a Coach wristlet and a Dooney one and the Dooney is so much heavier...but the bag is cute! Enjoy it
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