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  1. My MIL bought me a Marc Jacobs bag for my law school graduation. It is currently in all the stores. I dotn want to ask her for a reiept but I do want to exchange it.
    I went to Saks and they needed a proof of purchase, so did Bloomies.
    Do any of the major department stores have a more lax exchange/return policy?
  2. Saks has gotten strict now and Bloomies has always been strict. I'd try Neimans or Nordstroms, as long as you have the price tags on them....actually, sometimes they don't care if there is a price tag on it?! Goodluck, sweetie.
  3. What if she ask, why don't you carry the MJ I gave u?
  4. Do you know which store your MJ bag was purchased from? Some retailers (Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, MJ boutiques) place their unique sticker on the tag. Sticker with bar-code allows the original transaction to be brought up, you can exchange/return without needing a receipt that way.
  5. Perhaps you can find out which store she bought it from. Maybe your husband knows. Then, when you go to the store they can look up the purchase under her name to get the receipt information. I know that Bloomies puts their own sticker on the labels so if it doesn't have a Bloomies sticker, she probably didn't get it there. Neimans and Bergdorf attach their own separate tags in addition to the designer tag. Do you have a Marc Jacobs store near you? Maybe she purchased it there. I am not sure which tags Nordstrom uses. Macys and Lord and Taylor, here in New York, doesn't sell Marc Jacobs...but I am not sure about outside of New York. (Not sure where you are located). Best of luck with your return!
  6. Unfortunately all of the department stores that I know did change their policy for the returns and require proof of purchase!So sad but this is the economy ,still going down !
  7. Honestly, I would just keep the bag to avoid future problems with the MIL.
    My MIL gave me a LV scarf for Christmas one year. Even though it was nice, it really didn't suit me. I don't know if LV would've taken it back, but I just kept it to drag it out and wear it to show her I appreciated the gesture.

    But out of all the stores, I would say Nordstrom's is the most generous with returns. I lost a receipt for a pair of shoes there and the SA looked through her computer to find the sale for me even though I originally bought it 3-4months back.
    But your MIL could've bought the MJ from so many places including discount stores like Marshall's, etc...

  8. Wow.

    So you see no problem with returning a bag to a store that it wasn't purchased from?

    It's one thing to do a return without receipt when that store sold the item and ask them to attempt a look up. It's another to shop it around until you find someone you can get to take it whether or not they sold it.

    This is why people doing legitimate returns get treated like criminals.
  9. Can you tell her that the bag is just too heavy to carry and it hurts your arm. Ask her if it would be OK to get the receipt and pick out a lighter bag that you can use all the time and smile because she gave it to you?
  10. I bought a bag from LV and returned it and then a few months later called LV to ask what size it was because I wanted to buy the bag in a bigger size but needed to know if I bought the PM or MM size. LV would not disclose the information to me. I think it would be very hard to find out where she bought the bag without asking her outright.
  11. this thread is from 2006!
  12. I completely agree--even though this thread is from 2006 :smile:
  13. this thread is nearly 6 years old. . . I'm almost certain she's not still wondering :biggrin:

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