Return to Tiffany's pendant - HELP PLEASE!

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  1. I had a bit of trouble with my Tiffany's pendant (34 inch chain). I got scratches all over it, mostly on the front side and went to Tiffany's to have it polished.

    When it was returned it was shiny again but the letters of "New York" and parts of "Tiffany" lettering were barely visible, as I realized after I came home.

    Now I was shocked (and VERY sad :cry:smile:because I didn't expect it to turn out this way and none of the SA's had warned me about things happening like this. Anyway, I went back there and ask them to do something about the lettering. Turns out they can't do anything, so they offered to replace it.

    Now, I couldn't pick up because I was out of town during the week so my mother picked it up for me. And now as I come home I look at the "new" pendant and notice that it has a really weird design I've never seen before:

    >First of all, the number on the front is missing out the "M"
    >Secondly, "925" isn't at on the back as with my old one but on the front.
    >Lastly, the pendant seems wider than my old one and more flat.

    Stupid question, but is this an old or fake pendant?!!? Has anyone seen something like this. I'm so confused now, please help!!:shrugs:

    Sorry, if I misposted this :sweatdrop:

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  2. I would bump this post once in a while until one of the tiffany experts sees it, I'm sorry im not of any help but I hope your dilemma gets solved!
  3. Looks legit to me... I doubt Tiffany's would give out fake Tiffany's!! It might be the model they originally had on the keychains though.
  4. OMG - I think you're right!! :wtf:

    I found a pic on Tiffany's website:
    Tiffany & Co. | Home | International

    So they actually tried to swap my precious pendant for a KEYRING?!?!?! I don't believe it!! :cursing:

    What are these people thinking?!?! This sure is not acceptable...and truly disappointing :sick:

    I hope they will resolve this - but what a scam!! :tdown:
  5. I hope you take it back and demand a pendant!
  6. Umm it's not a scam. Even if the heart tag came from a Tiffany key ring it's still a sterling silver heart tag. What's the difference?

    Back to your original post, I don't understand what you mean by "it's missing an "M" but to help you understand a little about Tiffany products the way it works is they do not make all of their products, some are made by vendors. In addition the same product could be made by different people in different places so they could each be slightly different.

    In their customer service department they have a bunch of parts that they use for replacements for customer service issues. So they don't just have a bunch of heart tag pendants and a bunch of heart keyrings sitting around. The have chains, and heart tags, and keyring loops that they use on a case by case basis as replacements.

    Bottom line is they gave you a sterling silver heart pendant which is just as good as any other one unless you think the minor differences are unacceptable in which case you should go back and tell them that you want the same heart tag that comes with the pendant.
  7. Thats so weird
  8. I would agree with you if they had told me or my mother the same thing - but they weren't honest enough to say so. Instead they were silently pretending that my mother was given a bracelet pendant and not a keyring pendant - if they can't do anything else about it, they could have said so and explained themselves.

    But they didn't. :tdown:

    Plus the difference is in weight, my old pendant was much heavier and sturdier. So it is not really the same IMO.
  9. Oops, it's supposed to be "necklace" pendant.

    I also just noticed trying it on that because this pendant is lighter, it tends to turn around on the chain and not to lay flat as the old one did...*sigh*
  10. I would take it back and let them know the mistake they made, and that your not impressed. If it was me I would be irritated knowing its different weight and design. hopefully it gets sorted out!
  11. I would take it back to them, and explain the situation. Hopefully it will work out for you!
  12. If it's bothering you this much to post about it, I'd take it in and ask for the correct replacement.
  13. Today I went to the store again and got a proper replacement, no problem at all this time - I'm really happy that it worked out!! ^^

    That's how it looks like: Tiffany & Co. | Item | Return to Tiffany? heart tag pendant in sterling silver. | International

    I would add pics but can't because I left it there for engraving and won't get it back till the end of the week.

    Thanks everyone for your opinions on the matter - they all helped!! :heart: