return to tiffany

  1. i like some of the pieces but on the other hand i find a lot of this particular line is lacking in character and really just advertising. i looooove tiffany in general but any thoughts on this particular line? i m drawn to the circle bracelet and the dangly earings somehow
  2. My husband got me the heart tag earrings for valentine's day. while I like them, sometimes they're just a tad bit juvenile for me sometimes. I much prefer their other lines like atlas and the elsa peretti jewelry. I think it's all pretty cute, though. Can you post pics of the pieces you're thinking about?
  3. those earrings are cute. They really catch the light. I like those better than mine!
  4. Are you talking about the silver jewelry?

    If you are then I actually like them - they're plain, simple, and classic. It will go with almost everything and it won't overpower you.
  5. I've had the return to tiffany heart tag bracelet for a few years now. It was my first tiffany piece and it's since become my "lucky bracelet" :love:. It's been through alot with me, and I have the back engraved with a meaningful date :yes:
  6. I personally love this line.. aside from the 2 scarves I own, I actually only have this line and the 1837 line from Tiffanys. I think it makes for great everyday, casual jewelry.
  7. I have the return to tiffany heart tag bracelet and the necklace with the lifesaver toggle. I like them very much; it's my "fun" jewelry. Whenever I wear it, I feel very cheery!
  8. Personally I prefer just a silver tag without the Return to Tiffany logo on....
  9. I love this line. I have the return to tiffany heart tag bracelet & necklace.
  10. That line seems very classic to me. I like it. :biggrin:
  11. i don't own any of the return to tiffany. it is cute to look at but the actual look on i am not so sure of. i had an sa in a store the other day who was wearing very simple clothing, black pants and black shirt. her jewelry was the rtt necklace and the double c chanel earrings. it was too much and just looked like she was into tiffany and chanel rather than looking good.

    i know it is very popular and mean no disrespect but not for me.
  12. I always wonder if lost items are ever actually returned!
  13. that's very special to hear that you have a lucky bracelet. i have a "lucky" circle tag bracelet too and a lucky figure 8 necklace....:graucho:, always wear them on my exam days hehehe
  14. HAHAHAHA!:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup: you're hilarious..i thought of this too but i would never have thought about mentioning it!