Return to outlet, carried once

  1. Anyone know if Coach Outlet will accept a purse return if the purse was used once? I still have the tags, just not attached. I bought it last year, thinking I loved it, but used it once and decided it wasn't "the one" I thought it was. It has been sitting in the bag waiting for something to happen. If I can, I'll take back to the outlet, if not, I will try to sell on eBay. (I've never sold anything, only purchased, so more work than just returning, KWIM?)

  2. If you really used it then you should sell it. If you only carried it for a short bit say around your house or nothing much for an hour or two I think you would be fine to return it. :yes:
  3. Can't they "re-tag" it at the store?

    I went to my Coach Outlet yesterday and saw the new Legacy leather Shoulder bag but it was all scuffed up! (Clearly it had been used, but it had the tags.)

  4. Here is a link to Coach's Return policy:
    Return Policy

    Where do I send my return?
    We will be glad to refund or exchange any new and unused merchandise. You may return your item(s) to either a Coach Full Price Store or ship your item(s) to our Returns department.
    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be exchanged or returned at any Coach Store with an original Coach receipt or mail order packing invoice.
    New, unused Full Price merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit with a gift receipt.
    New, unused Factory merchandise may be returned for merchandise credit only in Full Price stores with an original Coach receipt or gift receipt.
  5. i just returned a purse to a store, they gave me some hassle becasue there were fuzzies on the lining...i got them off...they finally took it back. so i say try to take it back to the outlet. if they don't take it then you can always sell it on eBay.
  6. If it's been used with the price tag taken off, I'd sell it on eBay. When you see what appears to be a used bag at the Outlet (but still has its price tag attached) it's most likely a "floor model" that was transferred to the Outlet - thus, the "handled" look but still tagged. I've never known any of the stores to accept a "used" bag as a return, even if the bag was used only for 1 day.
  7. To me it is just a matter of ethics. If you carried it outside the house, it is used and should not be returned so it can be sold to someone else as unused.
  8. I don't think the point is really the tags, a lot of people take the tags off and don't use it or those tags of theirs fall off a lot.. I have bought several bags at the outlets that had the tag inside the pocket.. not even attached to the bag. The point is if you really "used" the bag or not. :yes: Another thought is if you don't have your receipt what amount they would give you for it.. you could call and give them the style # and they can tell you that.. :yes:
  9. If the bag has been used (you actually used it.. not just to try on inside the house), then I would return to the outlet..period.:tup:

  10. ITA :yes:
  11. I don't want to purchase a used bag when I go to a Coach store. People put all sorts of things in their bags like used tissues, food, and medication. I want a fresh clean bag and that is what one expects when they shop at Coach. If someone can't decide if a bag is right before they actually use it, then it should be sold on ebay.
  12. I bought a bag at the Outlet last weekend and I have plans on taking it back today because it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. Last night when I was "trying it out" inside my home the price tag got caught on my planner as I was putting in there and was ripped off. So I'm hoping they will still accept my return seeing how I never "used" the handbag.
  13. I have seen some bags at the outlet that appear to have some wear and tear though slight. I prefer a new unused bag and always look for a fresh one. Some of the outlet bags are handled quite a bit since they are out in the open. They do have a final sale bin, usually in a plastic container in a corner that has broken used bags. (Missing turnlocks, stains....etc)
  14. Let us know what happens! Thanks! Good luck!
  15. It shouldn't be an issue. :nogood: Those dang coach tags are SO easy to break off and that.. and like I said I have returned and purchased bags without tags.. it doesn't always mean it is used.. people can just as easily use a bag and put the tag back together with those cheap plastic things.. it's just ethics at that point. :okay: