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  1. Anyone else had trouble when buyin gonline from Gucci in Firenze? I returned a coat five weeks ago, and it is just laying about in the post office in firenze according to the tracking, Gucci does not bother to do anything to get ahold of it (its been there for 12 days) and in a two days it will just be returned to *me* again, and then the 2 week return policy is way overdue and I'm stuck with a USD 2500 coat that is too large for me.

    S O not happy! Anyone else experience this?? I feel CHEATED for a LOT of money.
  2. I have bought several items from without any problems, but on the other hand I haven't returned anything eighter.. It seems like the problem here is the Italian Post system. Have you contacted the Gucci store in Oslo? Maby you can call them and hear if they can help you / call etc.
  3. Buyng from there is no problem - then they are *very* helpful...
    I spoke to in italy, and they cannot help - they are unwilling to do anything, it is not their responsibility. Also spoke to the Norwegian post, who offered me NOK 83,- per kilo (4 kg) for the missing parcel.

    Yeah right. I am just furious right now, and sad, too....
  4. Everything is wonderful in Italy unless there's a problem that needs sorting out, my heart goes out to you MOWCAM
  5. I have returned one item to Gucci in Firenze and it did not go well. Took forever. An Italian friend finally called them for me and made it happen. Luckily, for me, she lived in the area then. She told me never, ever to do that again and in her expressive Italian way she said the same as papertiger. When I returned my bag to in the US the turnaround was excellent.