Return timeline?

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  1. I bought a bag on 11/16, I was totally indecisive and I'm not happy with my purchase. All tags are still attached and the items have not been used. I also still have the original receipt. Just wondering how long I have to return it. I really couldn't decide what to buy and since I had a 25% coupon I couldn't leave the store empty handed. I now have another coupon so I think if I returned this I could get something I really want this time. The receipt does not give a time limit! Any help would be greatly appreciated :yahoo:
  2. There's no time limit. Exchange her for something that you'll love!
  3. there are no time limits on returns. Our SA even said that if we wanted to return something after PCE was over, that we could just not bring in the receipt and do an exchange. I'm not sure if that's for all the boutiques, but seeing you have another coupon you don't need to worry about that. hope you find something you love!
  4. There is absolutely NO TIME LIMIT for Coach returns. As far as I know, they'll accept returns that are brand new/unused/tags still attached, etc, even from a year or two ago!
  5. I just FINALLY returned a gallery patchwork tote from 2 years ago that sat in the gift box, still wrapped that I have never used.

    Believe me, for unused products there is no time limit.
  6. COACH is awesome for this...:tup:...I have never had a probleming returning anything...just keep your receipt and tags on the makes things easier for you and them.