Return the item back to seller

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  1. I bought a pair of shoes from ebay and I believe they are not authentic compared them with the authentic one, contacted the seller, requested return. Seller insisted they are authentic but agreed to take the return. My question is the seller provide me a new address that is different from the original sender's address when they ship the shoes. Should I just go ahead
    and mail the shoes back to the new address seller provide in the email ? I will ship with tracking and insurance... But what other thing I need to worry about ? Anybody can provide some suggestion ?
  2. I would only send them back to the address provided by Paypal (or eBay if you didn't use Paypal). Be sure to get delivery confirmation, or signature confirmation if over $250. Tell the seller that is the only way you will send them back to protect yourself.
  3. I would suggest you send the shoes back to the Seller's confirmed addressed with tracking confirmation. You don't want Ebay (or PayPal, if that's the form of payment you used) to get you for any technicality, should your situation escalate to a dispute.
  4. I would contact Ebay/Paypal and see what they recommend for shipping returns, but I would think that it should be their ebay and/or paypal registered address.
    Are you sure that the shoes are not authentic? You can have them authenticated in The Glass Slipper forum.
  5. I contacted paypal, but seems like they cannot release seller's address
    due to privacy policy. What to do ?
    I am pretty sure the shoes are not authentic, I compared the shoes with the authentic ones side by side for hours.
  6. file a cliam and state everything you said in it