Return the black classic flap to Bluefly

  1. hi again. as you may probably know, i've ordered a black medium classic flap from bluefly and it arrived

    however, i just sent to back today, becoz
    - the leather is not that soft as expected, i asked my SA and she said it's probably a display item :confused1:
    - there're some scratches (similar to that caused by the fingertips) on the inner flap and back of the bag (near the card pouch). it's quite obvious to me :sad:

    although i got it at around $13xx (with the extra 20% for new customer), i'm a perfectionist :p and DH suggested me to return it if these bugs me.. so i did today.

    So, if you wanna grab it, keep checking on bluefly, i guess it'll come up around 1-2 weeks. good luck :tup:
  2. Wow! Thanks for the info! :biggrin:
  3. Sorry to hear it didn't work out - I have never had good luck with Bluefly.:sad:
  4. Yes, I suspect if an item ends up on it's because they weren't able to sell it in stores. Same as if a Chanel item ended up at Neiman's Last call or Saks Off 5th. That was a great deal you got on it. Too bad it didn't work out for you. I'll definitely be watching bluefly - thanks for the heads up.;)
  5. Sorry it didn't work out for you billbill! :sad: So sweet of you to let us know about the return. I do hope you still get a black classic flap though - it's such a must-have!! :yes: ;)
  6. Sorry it did not work out for you.. It was a great bargain you got it for..
    Hope you find the right one for you next time around.. good luck
  7. Sorry bill bill that it was not what you expected! I am a perfectionist too and i totally get it(nobody would notice would just know...)
  8. I think I may be watching BF. I usually don't shop there, but I want a smaller bag and at that price, I don't think the scratches would bug me. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. I'm with you billbill. If I'm spending even $1300 and the bag is not perfect, I'll find the extra cash for a brand spanking new one.