Return, Tags, New bigger bag... HELP!

  1. Ok so I hoped on the Coach site today and notcied there is a new denim bag bigger than the tote I bought. So I want to get the new one I saw Style No: 11178.


    And return/exchange my other one. Thing is I figured I would be keeping it so I took the tag off but I still have it and my receipt.

    Will they still exchange it? And also I got the PCE discount on the first one so will I on this one as well, as long as I get it in before the 30th?

    And I don't want to bring it back to the store it's 2 hours away. Can I ship it in? Do I need to contact that store or Coach 1800 and let them know I want to exchange it?

    Any info on this situation- sending in a bag to exchange- with no tags attacted but have them.

    Thanks again!
  2. I usually mail my stuff in to return them... they will accept a copy of the receipt (then you can keep the original) and send a letter with explicit directions as to what you want to do.

    Last time, I sent in 5 or 6 items and two of them had the tags removed but the items were obviously brand new and never used. I put the tags in the items. A couple of the items were sold to me with tags unattached and inside the item and that's how those went back as well.

    Takes about 3 weeks!
  3. Thanks.

    I called my store in Buffalo where I bought it and they said it's ok if the tag isn't attached. And i can send it in and do the exchange and still get the discount?

    If I paid with cash would they send me a check or give me store credit?