Return request - do I pay for return shipping??

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  1. I sold a leather garment on EBay to a buyer who lives on the other side of the world. The item was brand new, never worn and is made of a washed tumbled leather. The buyer is now complaining about some tiny marks on the item, which in my opinion is just part of the natural characteristic of the leather. She wants to return for a refund which is fine, but she's also expecting me to pay for the return shipping costs, which will be high. I've offered to pay for half, but where do I stand on this? She hasn't opened a SNAD case as yet, and I'm hoping to avoid that.
  2. Update - she's opened a returns request as there is something wrong with it. Now it looks like I have to cover the return shipping! Will I get my eBay seller fees back once I've received the item and refunded her? My PayPal account is now in negative :sad:
  3. You don't have to accept the return. You can respond that there is nothing wrong with the dress, that those are natural markings of the leather.
  4. I already accepted the return, I just figured as eBay has a reputation of always siding with the buyer I didn't fancy the fight! But I think it's unfair when I will be massively out of pocket now. CB anyone confirm if I will get my final valuation fee back once the refund is processed?
  5. If it's not automatically credited, you can call ebay and show them the refund transaction. They'll manually give you the credit.
  6. You don't need to pay the return shipping in my opinion.
  7. I would offer a full refund, if they pay for return shipping. Unless and item is truly snad, it should be the buyers responsibility to return the item to the seller.
  8. She accepted the return so she is responsible for return shipping, as well as refunding the entire amount the buyer paid, including original shipping.
  9. eBay has gotten out of control. If the item is as described that isn't fair... But if it snad then I get it.
  10. Any buyer can make a claim of SNAD. If I think the buyer is wrong, I'll fight the claim, and I have won. Ebay doesn't always side with the buyer. The prevailing opinion on this forum is to accept the return, no matter what. I guess it depends on what you think you've got to lose. If you are top rated, usually one SNAD isn't going to make you lose your status. If you lose your claim, the buyer could leave negative feedback.

  11. UGH HOW FRUSTRATING!!! I too just went through this exact same thing and was basically told by eBay oh well, you're paying return shipping! My item cost OVER $100 to ship each way!!!! If you don't send return postage they will automatically deduct it from your PayPal upon return!!! It's complete BULL!!!!! Now I'm out over $200 because a buyer had buyers remorse but is milking the system by claiming NSAD! I'm SO DONE selling on cheatBay.

  12. Agreed. But buyers know they can easily lie and just claim NSAD and not have to pay return shipping. It's completely unfair. They should have to submit documentation proving NSAD to get return shipping paid for by the seller.