Return Remorse

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  1. Ok, I returned a Minilisa, but now I'm completely regretting it. I keep going back to pictures here, especially the modeling pictures, and I just think maybe I didn't give her enough of a chance.

    So, would it be completely crazy to buy it again? Or should I just let it go? Has anoyone ever returned a bag, only to re-buy it a few days later?
  2. LOL! Yes, people have done that on this sub forum for sure!

    If you love it, get it again! But don't get it just because you THINK you love it! Ya know?
  3. Whew, ok, so at least I'm not completely insane.

    Thank you for the advice TK - that's exactly what I'm trying to figure out for sure. Do I really love it, or do I just love how the bag looks on others? Hmmm, maybe that's what it is. That bag just looks so darn good on everyone in the pictures. Ugh, I'm going to wait a little while instead of just buying it right now.
  4. Give it a little bit more time, otherwise it will just be a rebound buy!
  5. that's why i don't want to return this gorgeous caramel biker babe. i KNOW i will do the same thing!
  6. Don't worry hon....all of us have second guessed! :yes:
  7. I returned my boogie bucket months ago because I though the strap was too stiff and I still regret it :crybaby:
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    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    Ugh, I'm still debating. I'm thinking maybe I should wait for the new teal bags to come out.

    And I'm worried MHB will cut me off. I don't even know if the bag I returned made it there yet.
  9. While I love my Debbie Metal, Postage Tramp, and Carte Blanche, I've always regretted not returning the Minilisa and Little Red Chevette; both
    are a little big for what I carry and I maybe have used each of them once or twice. So don't have return remorse, I think if you don't absolutely love it right away, you're right in returning it.

  10. Thank you - I think you're right. Just because the bag looks fabulous on someone else doesn't mean it's the right bag for me. I'd hat to re-buy and then use it once or twice, and then have it sitting in the closet.
  11. ^^

    I love the look of the ML on others too!! Sadly, the bag itself does nothing for me so I never did buy the bag. I'm sure if I did, I would have returned it too since it wasn't love at first sight KWIM?
  12. So, what were the issues about the Minilisa? What prompted you to return it? I don't own one, nor have I ever seen one IRL and I am curious about this bag.
  13. BTW - I understand about getting rid of bags that you are not crazy about. I gave the "Entwined" in Lily (the bag right inthe middle of my pic) to my mom. She is crazy for it! Some bags are just not for some people.
  14. I actually ended up re-buying the bag. I don't think I gave it enough of a chance and I was having a bad day when I was trying it out. And as soon I read TE's post that this season will be the last for the Minilisa, I had to get it. I like the blueberry better than the new colors, and the sale price can't be beat.
  15. I totally understand the sale price thing and am really tempted to buy the minilisa from MHB. The problem is that I already own a Jacqueline Hyde in blueprint and am worried that it would be too close in tint.
    I have learned here on TPH that the minilisa is a very popular bag. I am curious as to what prompted you to return and then re-order the bag again?