Return Question

  1. I bought the beaded skinny during PCE but now I'm not feeling it. There are other things I'd rather have ... :rolleyes: :shame: I haven't used it, tags are attached and all, but I can't find my receipt. Can the SA look it up on the computer? I'd hate to return a skinny I paid $41 for $58 ... especially because I've been to Target TWICE this week, and they've forgotten to ring up things BOTH TIMES and I feel guilty about beating the system hahaa.
  2. not sure...

    last time i returned somethign from the pce without the receipt, they gave it to me for regular price...and i didn't realize it until i got home- i felt so guilty!
  3. I think they can look up your old purchases. :yes:
  4. Thanks guys ... I did find a gift reciept for something else I bought that day, which has the transaction # on it, so I figure they can look that up!
  5. Yes, they can. You have to go to the exact store where you bought it though... and those that aren't busy seem happy to do it! I did it in Tysons, VA once and they were not happy to do it at all!
  6. We can only look back 2 weeks, but bring the gift receipt in and make sure you mention you got the 25% off (they could look up the price too) so no bad karma!
  7. ^^ Awesome, thanks, I'm going to take it back tomorrow!
  8. aw, you're so honest!

    i know when my mix up happened (and i finally realized it), i was about in tears. i ended up calling the store back and talked with the manager- who just said "enjoy your extra store credit, don't worry about it". i felt better after that!
  9. i love your pursuit of honesty!
  10. I told the SA and she gave me full price, because they couldn't give me 25% off of something else. :shrugs: I ended up ordering this, and aarti, I blame you! :biggrin: Yours is too cute ... I almost got the legacy wristlet, but changed my mind at the last minute.

  11. LOVE that!!!

    i'm thisclose to ordering it...
  12. Oooh! Me likey!
  13. That's so cute! Is that available on the website? I've never seen it.
  14. Love it too! And yup your one honest bunny. I really hope nobody takes advantage of that 25% of deal. Last time I used mine I saved almost 300$

    No bad Karma for you!:yahoo:

    And Bethy it is on the site, it is the fold over or flip top wristlet. CUTE CUTE CUTE