Return question

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before. I bought 2 purses at my local outlet about a month ago. I now know these bags are not going to work for me. They have never been used.I have the receipt for them. MY question is when I take them back will they credit my credit card or do I have to take store credit? :confused1: thanks
  2. They will credit you according to how you originally paid for them - if you paid with a credit card, they'll credit you thru your credit card, etc. But if you wanted a store credit in lieu of a credit back onto your credit card, they'll do that too. As long as you have your original receipt, you can get your credit back anyway you want basically. Good luck!
  3. Oh and make sure you return them back to your outlet (rather than retail store) if you want the credit back on your card. Otherwise you'll get Coach credit.
  4. O.k Thanks I am going to the outlet by me next Tuesday.