---Return process to eluxury.com! Help!---

  1. I bought something from elux and I need to do a return. I've never done a return before. Do I use the billable stamp that they sent me with the invoice? It's prepaid right? but it said the insurance covered is only $100. Do I need to buy more insurance if the item is more than $100? Then when you drop it at fedex, would I get a receipt even though it's prepaid? Thanks
  2. If you use the billable stamp, they're going to deduct a certain amount from your return. I cant remember what the amount is but check under the FAQ for Eluxury.

    FedEx is pretty safe so I dont recommend buying more insurance. You only get a receipt if you drop it off at a FedEx location, request for a "drop off receipt"

  3. Thanks even if I am a VIP customer? so its not prepaid?
    I heard somewhere that VIPs get free return? I could be wrong.
  4. ^ ohhh!! I'm not too sure on that one. Check with Eluxury livechat. Sorry
  5. First you get a return number by calling them. Then you write it on the return form and pack everything in the box. VIP customers do get free returns, and I once returned an item for around $700 and the insurance with fedex was only 75cents so I thought it was worth it even though fedex is safe. I got my money back after a week and a half or 2 weeks (it seemed like forever so I can't remember).
  6. i returned an MJ bag to elux once and it took me foreeeeeeeeever to get my money back. hopefully it'll be quicker for you since you're a VIP. just call their # on the reciept and get a return number and use the prepaid slip that they give you.
  7. Thanks girls. Will I get a drop off receipt from fedex if I drop it at Kinko's?
  8. If you're VIP the return is prepaid (I have done it many times). You have to ask for the receipt at Kinkos - they'll scan the label, and print a receipt. I always do that, I don't want to be liable if somehow the package gets 'lost' before they scan it in.

    Oh - also, you don't absolutely have to get a RA (return authorization) number from ELX - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

    You don't have to get additional insurance. Since ELX is paying for the shipping, and the shippinnumber goes into the Fedex system, if it gets lost, you do not have to do anything, it is ELX that has to search for it and file a claim if necessary. Another reason I make sure the package is scanned in at Fedex/Kinko's before I walk out of there.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks so much. It helps a lot. Really appreciate it.